All one need to know about sleep tests

All one need to know about sleep tests

Before going for a sleep apnea test one has to search for online tests. Answering the set of questions can help you to confirm whether you are a sleep apnea patient or not. If you experience any of the symptoms like snoring, drowsiness in the morning, interruptions during sleeping then you can be sure that you need proper examination in a sleep apnea clinic near me.

Consult your sleep apnea doctor

Initial diagnosis of sleep apnea is usually done by your family doctor based on the symptoms shown by you. Doctor will ask some questions for understanding your sleeping habit and the duration of your sleep. The patient should also bring a family member with him to explain to the doctor details regarding the snoring habits shown by you.  Because you may not know about your snoring habit and the other irregularities shown by you during sleep. After understanding your medical history your doctor may conduct a physical examination. He will examine your throat to see whether you have enlarged tonsils or adenoids. Any blockage to your airway will be checked. In complicated cases, your doctor may refer you to some sleep apnea clinic for detailed investigation.

Sleep Specialists

If your primary doctor refers to sleep apnea doctor Georgetown, there are many categories of doctors who are capable of studying the matter based on the symptoms shown by the patient. They include pulmonologists who are lung experts, neurologist who are brain specialists, otolaryngologists who study air way matters etc.

Inside sleep apnea clinic

Sleep studies are usually conducted during night.  Sensors are attached to your scalp, limbs, fingers, chest etc. before you go to bed.  They record eye movement, muscle activity and brain activity, breathing rate etc. This process is generally painless. But this is a very costly test and this is the only concern that worries the patient. But this cost is covered by medical insurance.

Sleep test at home

Alternatively, home tests can be done at home also which are rather cheap. It has a monitor and it comes with instructions. Most people prefer this as this is cheap and can be taken in the convenience of home.

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