All you want to know about restless leg syndrome

All you want to know about restless leg syndrome

Restless leg syndrome begins at any age and it worsens as the patient ages. IN this disorder uncontrollable urge is felt to move your legs as a result of some inconveniences felt in the leg. Usually this difficulty is felt in the evenings or at nights while you are lying down or sitting. It disrupts sleep resulting in day time drowsiness.  Life style changes, self care steps and some medications have been found to be useful in controlling the symptoms of this disease.

Restless leg syndrome

It starts after a period of continuous rest: The sensation of restless leg syndrome usually starts when the patient starts moving after sitting idle for a long time in car or in airplane cinema theatre etc. The sensation is so haunting that the patient develops an urge for    a sleep disorder clinic near me.

Sensation reduces during movement: The sensation reduces when the patient stretches or when he starts shaking his legs.

Sensation worsening at night: another symptom of restless leg syndrome is that it reduces during evening or night. Another common symptom is that the patient’s leg starts twitching throughout the night during sleeping.

Sensations: Different sensations like crawling, pulling, creeping, throbbing, itching, etc are felt in the limb. They can be intense leading the patient to develop a hope for the sleep disorder clinic near me.

Causes of RLS

Dopamine imbalance: There are no known causes for this disorder.  But scientist believes that the imbalance in the brain chemical dopamine can be a reason for this disorder.

Heredity: In some cases of this syndrome in patients above the age of 50 is due to heredity. Scientists have found chromosomes with presence of genes for RLS.

Pregnancy: Hormonal changes during pregnancy can worsen the symptoms.  Women are found to get this disorder during their first pregnancy.

.Risk factors

The basic cause for RLS has been found to be some underlying problems. The other conditions like the ones given below can also cause restless leg syndrome.

Iron deficiency:  Iron deficiency and bleeding in your stomach, heavy menstrual periods ete can cause this disorder.

Peripheral neuropathy: Chronic diseases like alcoholism, diabetes etc also cause this disease.

Kidney failure: patients who have failed kidneys or whose kidneys are not functioning properly can also lead to RLS.

Treatment and drugs

Treatment for underlying causes has always found to be useful for getting relief from restless leg syndrome. If no underlying disease is a cause , then focusing on life style changes and  medications  can bring good results.

Medication therapy practiced by doctors:  Some of them are discussed below.  Some medications for improving dopamine level have been administered by FDA. They are Ropinirole, pramipexole etc. Nausea, lightheadedness etc are some of the side effects of these medications.

Drugs that affect calcium channels: Some medications like gabapenting and pregabalin have been found to be useful in effecting the calcium channels.

Opioids: Administering narcotic medicines have been found to be useful in containing the symptoms of restless leg syndrome.

Sleep medications: Though medications like benzodiazepines are useful in giving better sleep, they really don’t eliminate the sensations.

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