Explaining the scientific aspects behind a rapid weight loss diet

Explaining the scientific aspects behind a rapid weight loss diet

Obesity is one of the most haunting problems faced by human beings and such people are desperately yearning for a rapid weight loss diet.  The increased consumption of fast food and junk food are making people more obese than ever before. The increased awareness of fitness has added to the woes of dieting patients.  Now let us take a factual view of the situation.

The first thing which we will consider now is the scientific explanation of obesity. For this we well have to understand BMI index. Body mass index is the value obtained by dividing   the body weight of a person in kilograms by the height of the person in meters. If this value comes to be 30 or below, the person is not obese and if its value is greater than 30, the person is considered as obese.

Now the question is how to maintain the body weight within the allowable limit. For this one will have to understand how body weight increases above the normal allowable weight. This can be explained in terms of the calorie value of food we eat daily and the calorie value of the energy we utilize for various activities of life. It is considered that the calorie value of normal food we eat is around 2000. But if you are on weight loss diet, the calorie value of the food you eat daily reduces to around 1200 to 1500 calories. But if you eat excess food the calorie intake increases to 3000 or more. Normally a man is considered to need about 2500 calories of energy for carrying out his normal activities. From the above it can be seen that an excess of around 500 calories are taken in everyday by the e person considered above. These excess calories get stored in the body as fats leading to the increased body weight.

Suppose, you go on diet for weight loss thereby reducing the calorie intake by 250 calories per day, you will be able to lose 2-3 pounds per week. In addition to weight loss diet, if you can spend about 1 hour in physical exercises, then your body start reducing weight at a faster rate thereby reducing about 3-5 pounds in a week. Scientist have evaluated that for reducing one pound of weight one person has to spend               at least  3500 calories. This can be achieved in two ways. One is by reducing the calorie value of the food one eats every day by opting for rapid weight loss diet. In addition to weight loss diet, another initiative that has to be taken by the person who desires for losing weight is to increase his daily activities. This can be done by leading a more active life or going for a job which involves physical exertion. At the same time sporting activities like swimming, Jogging, cycling are also very helpful as these activities can burn considerable amount of calories in your body. Going to a gym and doing aerobic exercises are also recommended as they are the vogue of the day.

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