Learn about Plantation Shutters Prices and Materials

Learn about Plantation Shutters Prices and Materials

If you want to know about plantation shutters prices, then, you probably know how these shutters are a wonderful option for high quality, functional and attractive window treatments. If you are planning to get this special type of shutters, there is also no doubt that you have finally discovered that there are a myriad of choices available right now in the market.

You can purchase these shutters as stock units or you can also opt to buy custom interior shutters that you can fit into your windows. Different construction materials can be used for these shutters, with the most common ones being basswood, vinyl, maple, poplar and different varieties of fine hardwoods. Just as expected, each of these materials can bring in different levels of price and quality which range from vinyl shutters to the custom shutters made from wood. So, which is really the perfect choice for your house windows?

Vinyl Interior Shutters

Vinyl is the primary material used for some of the most budget friendly interior shutters right now. Although these vinyl interior shutters are now going to warp and often don’t need a finish, there is the undeniable synthetic feel and look to them.

The main benefit to vinyl is that this is widely available and is the most economical solution today.

But, vinyl shutters also happen to be one of the lowest quality choices in the market as these don’t provide any beauty or warmth like that of wood shutters. If you are planning to go for these shutters, take not that affordability doesn’t always equate to quality.

Wood Plantation Shutters

Poplar and basswood are the 2 of the many common woods used for making interior shutters. These are technically hardwoods, yet as hardwoods, these are relatively soft and light with some hardwoods including Oak or Maple. B

asswood has a great finish and this can either be stained or painted. Because of the color of the Poplar isn’t uniform, which ranges from white to green to purple, it must be painted only and should not be stained. Nevertheless, when you are considering wood plantation shutters that are made of basswood or poplar, one must be aware that both are soft and susceptible to dings and dents. In bigger openings, poplar and basswood shutters often require extra rails or reinforcing for rigidity. The overall height or width of your window treatment may be limited as well.

Hardwood Plantation Shutters

Real hardwood plantation shutters including maple, represent high level of value and quality in the plantation shutters today. While the first cost is higher compared to a poplar or basswood shutter, the quality of manufacturing is superior and there’s greater likelihood that the Maple shutters will outlast the shutters that are made from a more affordable material.

The Finest Material for Interior Shutters

In terms of durability, versatility, and beauty, no other materials can match a dense, quality hardwood like Maple. Some outstanding choices are Mahogany, Walnut, Alder, Cherry, and Oak. While the quality hardwood shutters chevy chase md may cost more at first, the shutter’s lifetime value exceeds its cheaper alternatives.

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