Pregnant women often suffer from insomnia- lets check out details

Pregnant women often suffer from  insomnia- lets check out details

It has been found that pregnant and insomnia has very close relation between them. Most of the women claim that they face sleeping disorder during pregnancy. The quite frustrating insomnia may occur due to one’s anxiety which is very common when expecting a child. Most pregnant women complains about leg cramps, repetitive need to use the washroom, feeling of uncomfortness, etc. This feeling of anxiety is very common and obvious while going through so many physical and emotional changes. Here we have discussed few remedies that may help you in such situations.

The common and easy remedies that may help to give you a good sleep during pregnancy

You may face the situation of sleeplessness during night as you go through a lot of physical changes during this phase. To get some relief you may opt for some of the following ways-

  • Take a warm bath just before you go to bed. Or you may ask your partner to rub your feet. Try any of these that may give you some relaxation. Listen to some calm music. You may also take chamomile tea in order to get some relief.
  • Maintain a comfortable temperature and quietness inside the room. Put up some heavy and dark colored curtains on the windows. Using of such colored curtains would block the unwanted lights from outside the room. Maintenance of a soothing temperature may help you sink into some deep sleep.
  • If you find yourself awake after a long time you have gone off to bed, get up. Go into some other room and try to read some magazine. You also may like to listen to some soft music. Come back to bed after a while when you feel drowsy.
  • Do not worry when you cannot go off to sleep during the night. It is very obvious to be anxious during pregnancy. Give yourself some time. Keep calm and restore your mood for sleeping. This may help you with some soothing feeling. This calming feeling in turn will help you to get a proper sleep.

An advice for all mothers

It is very obvious to feel frustrating when dealing with insomnia. But what you always should keep in mind is, it is quite obvious and common when your body goes through some specific changes during pregnancy. Though the problem is quite common it can be very well dealt with proper care of yourself. But if the problem persists, visit sleep disorder clinic near me, as soon as possible.

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