Responsibilities of a Divorce Lawyer

Responsibilities of a Divorce Lawyer

As divorce is a personal matter, it is always better to consult your family lawyer about the pursuit. There are several reasons that a marriage doesn’t work. If you think it is not working, there is nothing to be dragged on. Hiring a good attorney can hasten the whole process and you can attain settlement as quick as possible. Let’s see how divorce lawyers help people to get painless divorce procedure

Pre-Divorce Wisdom

When you meet lawyer for the first time, he/she will give a talk on pre-divorce wisdom. This includes home rights, credit cards, bank loans and deposits, material possessions, child custody and several other concerns. If you consult a lawyer of your acquaintance, he/she will let you know the steps are coming and assure you about how to get over all these easily. Sometimes, even some lawyers also provide information about therapists for children or for you to get over the pain.

Informative and Supporting

It is the duty of any divorce lawyer to respond you as quickly as possible at your mail, phone calls or texts. Any documents or information should be received both by you and your lawyer as well. Any procedure of the case, new documentation, processes of asset distribution and child custody, etc. must be informed to you by your lawyer.


An attorney has much paperwork to do as soon as you contact and appoint him/her.

  • Prepares a Summon and file a case of Divorce at the court
  • Responds appropriately if your spouse cases the file first at the court
  • Reviews all your bank and financial documents, business, real estate, pension and insurance documents
  • He/she must have accounting knowledge as tax returns are important
  • Prepare paperwork for custodial issues and visiting arrangements.

If there are more information you have to provide, your lawyer will need more documents on those.

Professional Support

You are going to need other professional helps regarding child custody, property appraisals, business valuations, etc. As a responsible lawyer, you should also provide assistance on fixing meetings between your client and these professionals so that the whole process can be done quickly.

So, these are the basic duties and responsibilities of a divorce lawyer alexandria va. Usually, contested cases get trapped within litigation, so it is the responsibility of the lawyer to sort out the case as quickly as possible and come up with appropriate conclusion for their clients.

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