What to do when drain cleaner doesn’t open a clogged drain?

What to do when drain cleaner doesn’t open a clogged drain?

If water does not flow properly through your drain, it is due to the fact that the pipe is clogged with dirt. The clog might be anywhere in the pipe. These clogs don’t occur only in the kitchen but also in the bathroom and anywhere else. The shower and wash basins usually get clogged due to the hair that gets collected in the pipes.

Simple Ways to Clean a Clogged Drain

Barbed plastic dipsticks may help to clear the pipes. Liquid drain cleaners are also useful but they may damage older pipes. Plungers work on the upstroke and can also work on the downstroke. When you plunge down, you can force the clog out of the drain by applying pressure on it. Upstroke makes the pressure above the clog less than the pressure below the clog. This makes the clog raise up till it comes to the top of the basin and then you can scoop it out with your hand and throw the rubbish away.  If you have a double kitchen sink use two plungers at once or close one side. Close the secondary openings. Add a little water in the sink. Now use the plunger.

For a Stubborn Clog

Having tried all these things, if you still find that the drain is clogged, try to snake it. Put a bucket under the sink. Unscrew the connectors. Remove the trap. Clean the trap. Now let water flow through the rest of the pipes. If you cannot find the clog, it may be further down the drain.

Since the clog is deep down in the drain, you will need a drain cleaning auger. You may get a manual or an electric one. If you have drain problems once in a way, you can invest in a manual snake. It is cheaper. If you have regular drain problems, then you need to buy the more expensive snake. Put the snake into the drain pipe and push it through till it reaches the clog. Once it touches the clog, rotate the snake. There is no need to jam the snake into the clog and push it hard. It only needs to be rotated carefully to dislodge it. Once you finish doing this, you can pull the snake out carefully and it will have all the sludge on it.

If the snake cannot reach the clog, unscrew the pipes wherever you can and insert the snake there.

Sometimes the air vent is plugged. That can also make the drain slow down. The air vent obstruction can be cleared by using the snake in the pipes near the drain or even in the air vent near the roof.

There may be a fault in the way the drain pipe has been laid. If the pipe is sagging somewhere, it may lead to the water in the drain flowing slowly, or not at all.

A clogged toilet is easily opened out by a plunger. Pour a huge amount of water into the toilet all at once. This creates a lot more force than a flush and may dislodge the clog. If it doesn’t, repeat the same thing again and again until it does. If this still doesn’t help, use a toilet plunger or a special toilet auger.

You can try all these methods of removing a clog from a drain but sometimes, no matter how hard you try, nothing seems to work. In that case, it is better to call a professional drain cleaning company who will look for the problem area and fix it immediately.

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