How to recover lost contacts on iPhone with iFoneMate

How to recover lost contacts on iPhone with iFoneMate

Getting all your contacts deleted from your iPhone is really a troublesome situation. As in this era of internet and mobile phones, we don’t have the habit of memorizing the phone numbers, losing all our contacts will put us in worry. What you will do if there would be the need of making an urgent call? And what you will do if you don’t even have the backup of contacts. In such cases, your mind will divert only towards one question i.e. “how to retrieve deleted contacts on iPhone”.

But, don’t worry as the technology has made everything possible. With the help of iFoneMate, an iPhone data recovery software, you can effectively restore the deleted contacts from your iPhone. The software is able to restore all types of deleted data from the iPhone devices, but here, in this article we are going to tell you the procedure of retrieving the lost contacts.

Steps to restore the lost contacts with iFoneMate

There are three steps by which you can recover lost contacts on iPhone effectively and these steps are:

  • In the first step, you need to download the iFoneMate and then install it on your PC or laptop. Once the iFoneMate is installed on your PC, you need to connect your device with the PC. After that, go on with launching the iPhone recovery software- iFoneMate, on your PC.
  • In the second step, you need to scan for the deleted items of your iPhone and among those files you will find the lost contacts in the “contacts” folder.
  • Once you have found the “contacts” folder, you will need to preview them if they are the same that you want to retrieve. Then, you will get the option of recovering or retrieving those contacts. Select that option and save the contacts on your PC or laptop.

Now, you are done with restoring the deleted contacts which you can save to your iPhone.

The above given steps are for retrieving the lost contacts in the case you don’t have any backup. In the case you have created the backup on iTunes or iCloud, the process is little different. However, the first step is same that you need to download and install iFoneMate on the PC. After connecting your iPhone with PC, you need to scan iTunes backup files or iCloud backup files depending on that where you have created the backup. The next process is also same that you need to restore the contacts on the PC and then you can easily copy them to your iPhone. Thus, with the help of iFoneMate, iPhone contact recovery has been made easy.

Moreover, not only contacts, but iFoneMate is able to retrieve all types of lost data from the iOS devices. The files that this iPhone data recovery software can restore are call history, text messages, deleted notes, contacts, calendar, camera pictures, data downloaded from safari, WhatsApp chat and some others. No matter you have lost your data by mistaken operation or due to virus or any other reason, iFoneMate will successfully recover it.

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