Does adding a pond increase the house value?

Does adding a pond increase the house value?

It is a known fact that many people believe that having water near the house is an added benefit when you are trying to sell your house. Also, people prefer having a backyard pond rather than a pool. A pond is smaller and easier to maintain. However, there are different views regarding this.

Different Views

Some people believe that parents who have small children will not want to purchase a house with a pond and if they do, they usually get it filled up soon. They are probably worried about the safety of their little ones, which is understandable. Others argue that accidents could happen anywhere. For example, a child can even drown in a bathtub full of water. There are many others who look at a pond as added expenditure, as backyard ponds require maintenance so costs will rise. Having a pond is not just about filling it with water and letting it be, and maybe throwing in a chlorine tablet now and then. Ponds require regular cleaning and maintenance, besides that. Ponds are about three to five times more work than a lawn but give much more pleasure than a lawn ever could.

Views of Realtors

Many realtors believe that a house that has a well-kept pond and good landscaping, will sell at a higher value. This is simply because landscaping and a pond add to the beauty of the surroundings and the family would love to sit outdoors by the pond, in the shade of a tree, watching the fish, frogs and little insects as they talked. However, if the pond is not well-kept, it can have the opposite effect. Realtors state that when a buyer is looking at several similar houses in a particular neighborhood, the buyer will almost always choose the house that has a well-kept pond. The pond definitely is the clincher for a sale.

Of course, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and while one person may look around for a house with a pond, another may just not bother about having a pond and may like to do without the additional work that a pond demands. If you are living in an area where everyone seems to be putting a stress on having a pond around the house, then most likely, you will get better sale if your house has a pond. The best bet would be to add the pond, together with a little waterfall and have it well-maintained. Those who love ponds will obviously be willing to pay the extra money to have a beautiful house with a well-kept pond and those who are not so interested in a pond can always have it filled up after they move in. More people love having a pond around the house than those who don’t.

A small pond will not add so much value to the house as a bigger pond will. Also, it must be located in a safe and convenient place on your property. It can be fenced in order to provide safety for the children. In conclusion, having a pond is an asset and will definitely add to the value of the house. Contact a professional landscaper for his advice and he will tell you the same.

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