What hairstyles make you look younger?

What hairstyles make you look younger?

Hair is indeed considered crown of your personality. A good hairstyles is not only a good sign of your personality but also marked as signature symbol of your persona. To look attractive and younger to your age, many people are adopting many tricks which are available but most important is how it suits your face and overall look.

A right haircut can be worked out as anti-ager for you. But don’t over indulge yourself to look unique instead of what suites your face. If you are going for any haircut, please make sure you have enough information about yourself like your forehead size, wrinkles, skin type and color, quality and density of your hair. It’s not always true, that if your friend is looking amazing in short hair, you too would look the same; instead it can work just opposite as well. A right balance of your face and hair is required to look great and out of crowd.  Some of the hits formula to look great is stated below

I)       If you have thinner face, most likely oval, square, heart or V-shaped, you can go for blunt ends haircut. It will not only look great but will also show your confidence at best. But make sure you don’t have big overhead which sometimes looks awkward with short and bowl look. With good volume of hair at the sides and top with razored or wispy end will look fantastic if blow-drying. If you have curly hair, then don’t get skeptical about short hair. This can look even amazing with a shaggy pixie. Just good balance of haircut is required to avoid looking masculine. Ask your hairstylist to give your that right balance. Chop your hair sides and back slightly shorter than your top hair. This way it will give you stylish cum younger look. Tips: Short hair requires more countenance than long hair. Be ready for frequent salon trip.

II)    If you are really not confident about wispy end, you can go for side-swept bang which will look amazing. If properly clubbed bangs at front will work amazing on your forehead wrinkles. Another medium length hairstyle which will look superb on you is A-line style which means longer in front and shorter in back. This incredible style will give timeless as well as young look to you.

III) You can play with your hair even without cutting your beautiful lock. You can use various varieties of color to look vibrant and young. You can go for bright Blonde with shades. It will look elegant in your long hair. Apparently a classic deep brown will go great both in short and long hair. Don’t go with medium shades with short hairs as it will look dull and boring.

IV)  A full straight cut, gives you pale and lifeless look instead full of life and joyful. Perhaps you should try bouncy hair to look attractive and youthful. A little zigzaggy is another tricky hairstyle which will work as ageless factor. The right combination of color and style will add elegance at its best and even without working too hard to look attractive, you are full prepared for romantic dinner and lively party.

V)     If you are blessed with Greek beauty with high-textured hair, then definitely a layered hair will look amazing. It will enough to flatter your onlookers. If you have an attractive jawline, then you can too consider this amazing layering. Layers will add an edge on your existing sharp beauty.

VI) If you are too busy in office work and not interested in conventional formal look or natural Updo but still carve to look attractive and younger without investing much time then you can consider a full braids. But instead of going too tight, use good brand of spray to give it a dense and loose look and draped it over one-sided. Undoubtedly it will give you a youthful look.

VII)   The easiest and  among various sexiest hairstyles is Ponytail. If it styled well then it not only look attractive but also add a naughty youthful touch to your look. If tied snugly, it can work as face-lift. At knot, you can give it more smoothly touch by wrapping an extra hair around it.

Your hairstyle alone cannot work as magic factor until you are happy from inside and feel youthful from heart. So be happy always and think young and naughty.

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