Should I go for indoor or outdoor venue for my wedding?

Should I go for indoor or outdoor venue for my wedding?

Wishing for that perfect wedding can be a daunting task. There are few pros and cons of having indoor or outdoor wedding tent, therefore it is important to look at options before making a final call.

Renting a tent for wedding reception

  • A tent is like a blank canvas where we can go for our choice of decor and theme we like as opposed to a ballroom. This can be a difficult decision considering there are many inspiring wedding options out there.
  • Renting a tent for wedding provides an outdoor setting to all your photographs, like sunsets, garden and starry evening.
  • You can hire a caterer at a lesser price and have the freedom to select what you like.
  • A tent rental company can provide contacts of other vendors like light and sound system rentals, caterers, wedding DJs, etc.
  • Unlike reception halls which are booked a year in advance, you don’t have to worry about renting out a tent in advance.
  • The capacity to accommodate guests and hidden fees that come with a venue can be an expensive affair.

Opting for a ballroom/ reception hall

  • You don’t have to worry about renting out every single item like plates, serveware, tables, chairs, etc. The caterer will have all the facilities you need, they have a coordinator and planner who not only helps you plan your D-day but helps you throughout the reception. Though you hire a caterer at a lesser price for a tented wedding, the costs will add up once you look into all the rentals unlike in a reception hall.
  • You don’t have to worry about change in weather. Going for a tent for your reception means that you have been left at the mercy of weather God.
  • Throwing wedding in a hotel venue saves you from exchanging emails, phone calls and follow-ups with many vendors. There will be no room for error.
  • Depending on certain seasons, certain tent companies do not rent out because of harsh weather conditions. A venue is best option, especially during winter.
  • Stress can be high if you are renting out tents for an outdoor reception in case turnout of guests is more. Security in a reception hall is far better than outdoor wedding. One doesn’t have to think about harmful pests also.

Get in touch with wedding professionals in you locality and decide whether you would like to rent a tent for reception or opt for an indoor venue. Ask a lot of questions, check contracts properly while talking to wedding professionals.

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