How to Reject Hip Replacement Surgery for Hip Arthritis

How to Reject Hip Replacement Surgery for Hip Arthritis

There are many avenues of treatment which can permit patients to avoid hip replacement surgery and here are the top three.

Activity avoidance

This is a treatment that generally involves ceasing activities that flare up a patient’s pain. For example, if a person is an avid skier, it places cruel stress across a patient’s hip joint. The same is real for a person who is an avid jogger.

Unluckily, it may be necessary to switch activities into something like swimming or cycling in order to maintain the cardiovascular advantages but to take such force off of the hip joint. Every time a person runs, forces between 2 and 6 times body weight go through each hip joint. In hip that has important arthritis, this may exacerbate the condition dramatically.


Medications such as anti-inflammatory and Tylenol medications can support with hip arthritis substantially. Care for hip pain should be taken to just take the medication according to the producers advised dosing. For Tylenol, this is generally no more than 4g per day otherwise the person can develop a liver issue.

Best old-anti inflammatories such as ibuprofen can support a lot and if a patient has normal G.I and kidney function they can take according to the producers advised dosing. Other drugs that are over the counter contain chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine.

They are known as nutraceuticals and are sold at fitness food stores and drugstores without a prescription. They contain natural substances that can support preserve existing cartilage and may even support promote some regeneration of lost cartilage.


There are multiple kinds of injections that can be done for hip arthritis. The initial is steroid injections, and these have been around for decades. They don’t repair hip arthritis and may even make it bad.

But they can hold up the need for hip replacement and also can be repeated every few months. They should not be done in an office setting, as the injections need a true time x-ray machine known as fluoroscopy. There is a lot of soft tissue between hip and skin joint, and some important structures. So it is vital to do the injection safely.

Another stuff that can be injected instead of steroid is acid hyaluronic. This can support regenerate some joint liquid as it is a part of the liquid anyway and it can attract more fluid being made.

Hip replacement doctor are standard of life procedures, and if at all possible should be rejected.

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