How to repair brick chimneys?

How to repair brick chimneys?

An integral part of the modern industrial landscape is a chimney repair contractor. Over time, the bricks on the chimney wall can be destroyed. The weather conditions and the location of the chimney in the open area of the roof contribute to its decline. Then, chimney brick repair is necessary to be performed.

The main reasons for chimney repair

  • sudden and frequent change of operation modes
  • use in non-projected mode
  • use of different fuels
  • use of resource-saving technologies, systems of “wet” cleaning
  • the excessive suction of the cold air along the way “furnace – chimney”

Very specific processes concrete corrosion repair excludes universal technology of such facilities.

Chimney Repair procedure

Repair of brick chimneys of begins with a tour of the chimney. After it’s finished, we proceed to repair the chimney. During the repair, we make the following works: relining the chimney, purifying joints and brick surfaces with polymer-cements solutions penetrating to it, application of strips of special material to protect the inner surface of the chimney with reinforcement and other repairs.

As an option, you don’t have to make the costly repairs of brick and concrete chimneys and insert inside a chimney a metal tube channel and the old chimney is only used as a support structure.

To order the repair of chimneys and find out the cost of work, you must first to order the inspection of your chimney. To do this, please contact our manager on the contact page.

One of our specialized activities of our company is to carry out the repair work of any complexity on the brick chimneys.

The order of the contract agreement

To make the successful agreement, it’s necessary to perform these steps:

  1. Technical personnel going to the object with a piece of climber equipment.
  2. Inspection and collection of basic data,
  3. Determination of the amount of work and preparation the list of damages. By agreement with the customer, possible distribution of the work volume of work and responsibility boundaries.
  4. Preparation and submission of the contract and the evaluation of the estimated time for the execution of works. The conclusion of the contract. Packaging materials and execution of works.
  5. Registration and transfer of the executive documentation to the customer.

The survey and repair work on brick chimneys repair has developed a number of standard works production projects based on technical equipment and qualified professionals. It allows us to organize chimney brick repair works in the shortest possible time.

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