Sounds that your air conditioner should not make

Sounds that your air conditioner should not make

Whether you like the low hum that all air conditioning units make or not, we can all agree on the fact that this sound is quite assuring. It means that your air conditioner is in perfect condition. However, sometimes when these units start producing weird sounds, it means that something is not right. Usually, you will have to call HVAC repair services right away for an inspection.

Why are unusual AC sounds bad?

Strange sounds sometimes suggest that something is not right with your air conditioning unit. Such sounds usually always suggest that some component in the air conditioner is not fine. The same applies to your HVAC system also.

Worn out, loose, and damaged parts in the air conditioning unit sometimes lead to total failure. Potentially, replacement of the equipment may also be required if you do not address the problem soon enough.

This is why air conditioning repair is considered an emergency service. In this article, we put together a list of sounds that your air conditioner should not make. So, if you are experiencing this, it is time to call your servicemen right away.

Banging and clanking sounds

Sometimes, air conditioners produce consistent rattling and banging sounds in different parts. This is mostly due to unseating of a component. This is a small problem and can be fixed quickly. However, if you do not sort it out soon, it can become a bigger problem later. So, if your AC is producing clanking or banging sounds, we suggest you get it repaired right away.

Squeaking sounds and shrieks

Shrill sounds like shrieking and squealing are usually due to fan belts, bearings, or their assemblies. When these parts start wearing, they cause friction. This, in turn, results in the sounds that we have mentioned. However, there is some good news. This is easy to fix and any professional contractor can sort it out.

Rapid clicking

Sometimes when the AC engages, clicking sounds are produced. These sounds are fortunately very normal and there are no risks involved. However, sometimes the same sound keeps coming on and off. It may also happen rapidly. This is a sign that there is some electrical issue going on. Such issues can be quite dangerous and should be addressed right away.

Thwapping sounds

This is one sound that is difficult to describe. You can think of it as the sound that comes when you stick cardboard in the blades of the fans. In HVAC equipment, thwapping sounds usually come when there is some debris stuck in the outdoor unit or assembly of the fan.


An air conditioner can produce many different sounds depending on the problem. However, the ones that we have mentioned in this article are the most experienced. In the end, the sound simply varies with certain factors.

Different components of the air conditioner can produce different sounds when something is not right. For instance, the outdoor unit might produce loud banging noises while the indoor unit, which is much smaller may produce clicking noises.

Whenever you hear unusual noises from your air conditioning unit, it is suggested to reach out to professionals. Experts will take a thorough look at your air conditioning unit and ensure that it is working properly.

If not, they will troubleshoot the problem and then adjust accordingly. However, when you are looking for air conditions repair services McLean, make sure that you are choosing the best contractor in the area. For that, you can either read reviews on the internet or get recommendations from your friends and family. This is the best way of getting the maximum value.

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