5 short hairstyle that every woman can wear

5 short hairstyle that every woman can wear

Some women without even consulting professional hairstylist avoid the short hairstyles thinking that their face would look round or old in short hairstyle. If you also think like this then you are WRONG! The short hairstyle can make you look younger if chosen wisely. If, you want to experiment with your looks and wish to have a change in your appearance then, try the short hairstyles. Take assistance from an expert hairstylist and try a short hairstyle that looks best on you.

Hot short hairstyle for 2015

Ready to experiment with your look this New Year? You are at the perfect place, as below are mentioned some really hot trending hairstyle for short hair, so try out one you find appropriate for yourself and rock with your new chic look!

Hairstyles for short length hair

Check out the fresh and edgy short hairstyle for women. Select one you feel is the one for you and ask your hairstylist to transform your hair into something short yet attractive.

1: Wavy bob: This casual chic hairstyle when worn with a side parting perfectly complements the facial features. The side parting in wavy bob creates an up-to-the-minute look. The long fringes of hair drapes over eye sexily as well as lightly accentuate the high cheek bones. This bob hairstyle creates plenty of volume at the cheek level, hence making it an excellent choice for girls having long face shape.

2: Cotton candy: This hairstyle look as sweet as its name sounds. The cotton candy hairstyle looks perfect on women with round faces. It is best for women who have less hair volume.

3: Pixie cut: This urban cut does not require any sort of introduction, every woman on earth knows very well about the pixie cut. This edgy cut hairstyle provides you with a young look.

4: A-line bob: The A-line bob was one of the famous hairstyle in 2014 and it has managed to stay in the list of trending hairstyle in 2015 as well.

5: Asymmetric Bob: In this hairstyle the hair on one side of face is kept short while hair on the other side is kept long. It makes your face appear narrow and beautiful.

For more hairstyle visit a hair color salon near you as soon as possible.

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