What Is The Difference Between Hair Botox Treatment And Keratin Treatment

What Is The Difference Between Hair Botox Treatment And Keratin Treatment

Hair Botox and keratin treatment by hair stylist are synonymous with silky smooth hair. These are the two most commonly preferred treatments for the said benefits. Women all over the world swear by their results, eliminating frizz and boosting shine to be precise. But there are some points that differentiate the two from each other.

If you thought Botox was just for the face, you were wrong. Hair also receives Botox which is a chemical-free deep conditioning treatment. It essentially covers the hair, fills up the split ends, and eliminates frizz. It is more like rounding off the rough edges, with non-chemical conditioners.

Contrary to this, keratin treatments use formaldehyde for the smoothening process. It softens frizz, but essentially tackles hair straightening issues.

Keep reading to know about the benefits and adverse effects of both these treatments. By the end you will be able to figure out which one of them can work best for you.

What Is Hair Botox Treatment?

A hair Botox treatment is aimed at treating the frizz in your hair and it reverses your hair clock, turning back the time to that soft shiny hair. If you don’t want to chemically treat your hair, then this treatment is for you. It will deeply condition and help to reconstruct your hair simultaneously.

Proteins, amino acids, vitamins and lipids are the key ingredients involved in the Botox treatment. This age defying treatment acts like a filler for your troubled hair. It fills in the voids, or gaps in hair fiber, making them smooth, shiny and more youthful.

Procedure Of Hair Botox

Your hair is washed with a clarifying shampoo, skipping the conditioner. This will reduce any product residue from deep within your scalp and hair, and opens your cuticles.

Then hair Botox treatment is applied to your hair and is left to work for roughly less than an hour, depending on the length and thickness of your hair. After this time, hair is washed off with a gentle shampoo that is either low or free from sulphate. Hair is then blow dried and the results are sealed with straighteners.

What Is Keratin Treatment?

The name for Keratin hair treatment is derived from the most essential hair component, keratin. This treatment is also called a Brazilian blowout. It is essentially a chemical based treatment which smoothes hair by rounding off the frizz.

Most keratin hair straightening procedures use formaldehyde which is notorious for its unpleasant odor. It is also known to cause irritation for people with sensitive scalps. However there are few options that don’t involve usage of formaldehyde.

Procedure Of Keratin Straightening Treatment

The treatment is applied to cleansed/shampooed hair while still damp. Then hair is blow dried and straightened by dividing them in smaller sections to allow the product to activate itself. Hair is then rinsed and styled, which leads to straightened smooth hair.

Which Treatment Is Better For My Hair? Hair Botox Or Keratin Treatment?

The good news is that Botox is suitable for almost all hair types. However if you are suffering from extremely dry and frizzy hair, or want to add more volume to your limp locks, hair Botox is just the right treatment for you.

On the other hand, keratin treatments are for people who have awfully dense and curly hair that makes them frizzy. Humidity further plays havoc with this hair type. Keratin treatments make the hair more controllable/manageable along with ease in the styling process. Those who have fine/thin strands will notice that keratin weighs down their hair, whereas Botox not only adds volume but also retains it.

How Long Do Hair Botox And Keratin Treatment Last?

Both of these treatments are semi-permanent. This means that you will need to hit the salon after a few months. For the Botox treatment, you can reap the benefits for 2 to 4 months, and the keratin treatment is sustainable for 3 months or less. This again depends on how well you have looked after your hair, and followed the aftercare given by your stylist.

Keratin treatments salons always advice using a sulfate-free shampoo as an aftercare product. Even if your shampoo has relatively low sulfate content, it will also help retain the benefits of your hair treatment for longer periods. hypno

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