How Much Does It Cost To Renovate A Commercial Or Office Space

How Much Does It Cost To Renovate A Commercial Or Office Space

Contrary to the popular belief, office renovations are not that scary, granted that you make the right budgetary decisions and hire reliable architects builders. Here are some areas that you will need to look at when calculating your total renovation expense, in order of importance.

The Actual Architecture Of Your Office Space

This is the most expensive area when it comes to office renovation, and understandably so, since architecture plays a key role in how successful your renovation endeavor is. Depending on who you choose to draft the plan, it is estimated that 20 percent of the overall renovation budget should be set aside for this task. Remember, this is one area where you do not want to skimp on, since as stated earlier, the overall success of your remodeling project depends on this.

The Lighting, Detailing And The Electrical Wiring

Lighting plays a key role in any office space, and not just as a means to impress clients and prospective customers, but also to improve the overall ambience of the workplace, which goes a long way in improving employee productivity. On average, each point of lighting will set you back in the range of $250. Specialized illumination like those used in emergency signs are $300 apiece.

Millwork And Finishing Involved In The Office Space

Costing at around $25 per square foot, the millwork and finish of an office space plays an important role in creating an impression with clients. This however is something that serves no purpose beyond aesthetics, and therefore can be limited for locations that clients frequently see.

The Walls Partitioning All The Separate Workspaces

The cost of walls can vary dramatically depending on which solution you are opting for. For basic partitions, $60 per square foot is the standard, while decorative walls such as those made of glass can set you back in the range of $150 per square foot.

All The Different Flooring Solutions You Will Go For

Once again, the price for flooring solutions in a commercial space greatly depends on what you choose. Specialty solutions like vinyl or epoxy, with much higher stress and wear resistance can be had for $10 per square foot. Wood is often used as the middle ground, costing at around $7, while the most cheap options will run for as little as $2 per square foot.

How Many Bathrooms Do You Want In The Office

This is one thing that no office space should skimp on, and depending on how many employees you have working on a single floor or section of the office, your total number of bathrooms as well as where they need to be placed will change. As per law, there should be one bathroom for every 15 people, with each one costing just a little short of $15,000.

If There Will Be A Kitchen And How Well Equipped

Employees greatly appreciate a kitchen on office premises, and assuming they utilize the same plumbing as the bathroom, you can have one built starting at just around $6000.

The Fire & Safety Precautions In Place On Premises

Just like architecture, this is an extremely crucial aspect of every renovation project, and with no room for any negotiation, the overall cost, depending on the size of the premise, is around $15,000 for installing such a system from scratch.

An office space renovation can do wonders for your business, not just as a means to attract more customers, but the visual overhaul it provides goes a long way in improving employee morale, thereby improving productivity and your overall bottom line. No one likes working in those same four walls, especially if those walls are in a sorry and decrepit state to begin with.

As for how much the whole ordeal will end up costing you, that depends solely on the scale of the project and what you have in mind. You can contact a commercial building or retail store contractor DC to get an exact number. But as proven from the above points, even with a minimal budget, you can achieve a lot if you do it smartly. Remember, there are things that you should never skimp on, as doing so may end up costing you more in the long run.

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