How To Avoid AC Health Problems And Improve AC Air Quality?

How To Avoid AC Health Problems And Improve AC Air Quality?

Generally, people have mixed reviews regarding the use of ACs. Some people think that it can lead to many harmful allergies and illnesses while some consider it healthy. The answer is that whether AC is healthy or not is that AC is healthy but you have to take proper care of it and schedule AC service from air conditioner repair services. If you do not then it will eventually be unhealthy for you.

Health Benefits

AC temperatures reduce heat related illnesses such as heat stroke or fever due to high heat. It normalizes the temperature and makes the room cooler as compared to outside high temperature. In places where there are No ACs or it is uncommon to use an AC or if there are affordability issues then heat waves could lead to many problems and even death. Children and old people are most prone to heat waves and health issues. Too much heat can lead to breathing problems and anxiety and leads to extreme sweating which in turn leads to a lot of water lost from the body. Certain illnesses such as heart, lungs and kidney issues are further aggravated by heat and can lead to major illnesses.

AC also helps to remove the inside air quality. Every air conditioner comes with a filter. It takes in the dust, dirt, allergens and other bacteria from the air in the room and throws cooler clean air. There are special air filters which completely clean the air from mold and pollution. So, people with allergies, illness or infection can stay safe and breathe fresh and clean air. If there are dirty AC filters, dust and dirt particles can make affect people with allergies and other conditions.

Avoiding AC Problems

There are also many problems associated with ACs. If not used in a potentially right way then it may lead to benign illnesses. Read below to find out how to avoid problems arising from ACs.


The difference in temperature from outside and inside air should not be too great. For instance, the outside temperature is extremely high and you are sweating profusely and you enter a chilled room with AC with a very low temperature then this high low difference could lead to illnesses such as cough, cold and fever. The ideal temperature difference should be just 6 to 8 degrees and not more than that.

Another thing is that you should always maintain a moderate temperature in your AC unit. When you turn on do not keep it at the lowest but it should be medium so the AC will cool the room as well as remove the humidity from the air. If you turn it on at the lowest temperature then it will instantly cool the room and then the thermostat will turn off and will not remove the humidity from the room.

Direct AC Air

Never sleep in direct air contact with AC. You should always keep the AC air on swing level. If it is at one place and the cold air is directly on your face then you would wake up with a cold and a stiff neck or frozen shoulder. Avoid direct exposure to AC air. You should place your AC almost adjacent to your bed to avoid direct air contact.

How To Improve AC Air Quality

  • All the health issues related to AC air are due to non-maintenance of your AC. Regular maintenance is the key to clean and pure air inside your house. When the filters are full of dust, dirt, bacteria and pollution then they are not able to perform well and hence leads to health issues. Scheduled AC maintenance which should be around twice a year thoroughly cleans your AC and leads to efficient working of your AC.
  • Get the right HVAC filters installed in your AC by professionals. Regular filters just remove dust and dirt but HVAC filters remove bacteria, pollen, allergens and any other particles and purify the air.

AC is a blessing in hot summer months. It helps to regulate your body temperature and your house temperature, purifies the air inside your home and makes you a happier person. Get regular inspection from HVAC repair services Plainview to ensure it’s working at 100%.

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