What are the best ways to attain excellence in Basketball?

What are the best ways to attain excellence in Basketball?

Basketball is a sport which has a lot of popularity among players of all ages. Besides teaching determination, focus and drive, this sport boosts growth and speeds up metabolism which accounts for its immense player base across the globe. Ask any player or coach who is serious about this sport about their number one wish and the answer will invariably be “how can I learn to shoot better?”

Why does better shooting translate into basketball excellence?

The thumb rule is that if you cannot shoot you obviously cannot score. His is why 60% of the time an average player or coach spends on the basketball court is dedicated to learning or bettering shooting skills. A player can be performing a jump shot, a freewheeling throw or a layup but there are certain tips that need to be implemented if they have to be successful.

Follow the BEEF principle

BEEF stands for balance, eye, and elbow and follow through while shooting the ball. You have to constantly keep a watch on your throw by observing your own moves if you want to excel at basketball. The BEEF technique is to be followed from the very beginning if players are serious about learning the correct technique of the game. Once bad habits are formed, it’s very difficult to break them.

Learn to relax and concentrate

Players are advised to relax and stop tensing the muscles during the course of a basketball game. This sport requires long fluidity action and if the muscles are kept contracted it becomes difficult to shot. Concentration is the key here. Unless a player concentrates its hard to manage to perform well from the free throw line or to manage a good blank shot. Always keep an eye on the relevant area of the backboard.

Fix your consistency

Good practice at basketball says that a balance should be struck between shooting too frequently and very sparsely. The correct balance will come with frequent basketball skills practice and very soon you will reach a stage when you know that there are high chances of having a good shot. Confidence is the key to excelling at basketball.

Learn to balance yourself

It’s important to maintain an even keel while shooting. If you make sudden leaps or career to one side then you may lose your balance. The balancing pose should be practiced at both angles (front to back and sideways). Learn to be the best basketball player you can be!

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