Indoor Vs Outdoor Wedding – Which One You Should Choose?

Indoor Vs Outdoor Wedding – Which One You Should Choose?

The biggest struggle of planning a wedding is to decide whether to have it indoors or outdoors and the wedding tent rental. Your wedding is the most beautiful time of your life and you want it to be the best. The confusion strikes when the bride wants it to be indoors while the groom wants the wedding to be outdoors. The article below lists all the possible pros and cons of having a wedding indoors and outdoors and also some great advice which will make it easier for you to make a decision.

Outdoor Wedding

Imagine you have planned an outdoor wedding with the perfect view and the most amazing weather and the most beautiful table and chair rentals. You are having your photoshoot and suddenly, the weather changes and it starts raining. What do you do? You get confused as your makeup starts dripping and your wedding dress starts to get wet, while you see your guests running here and there for shade and it is all a total mess. Well surely that is not always the case but there is a possibility. Following are some of the pros and cons of an outdoor wedding.


Scenery: one of the most beautiful aspects of an outdoor wedding is the scenery and the view which will make your pictures turn out beautiful. You will get a natural light and background for your wedding pictures.

Fewer Decoration Costs: The outdoor wedding is beneficial that there are no additional decoration costs such as the backdrop, the artificial flowers, and the flooring. The natural view is a great decoration in itself.

Large Gathering: If you are hosting a huge wedding with a large number of guests then you should opt for outdoors and it can cater to a large number of people.

Flexibility: In outdoors, you can even have the option of outdoors and indoors both, you can have the party outdoors while the food indoors.


Weather Conditions: Just as the scenery may seem beautiful, sometimes the weather can be unpredictable and rain may start which will destroy your wedding. Also, an extremely hot day or a very cold winter day is very unsuitable for an outdoor wedding.

Costs: The decoration costs may be low but overall the cost increase in an outdoor wedding such as extra table and chairs rental and also the wedding tent rental. Also, there is no electricity in outdoor, so the additional cost of an electrician. And don’t forget about table and chair rentals costs too.

Mosquitoes: The outdoor wedding will come along with bugs, mosquitoes, and flies.

Washrooms: The indoors come with equipped washrooms, while the washrooms may be far away in case of outdoors.

Indoor Weddings

The weddings indoor are more suitable as you are safe and no weather issues. Below are the pros and cons of an indoor wedding.


Weather and Temperature: In indoors, you do not need to worry about the weather conditions as you are safe and sound inside the venue. Also, you can have the ideal temperature, in winters then heaters can be turned on, while air conditioners in summer.

Basic Facilities: You will have all the necessary facilities such as washrooms and electricity within the venue. Also, you do not to go for wedding tent rental.

Décor Options: If you cannot have the view for pictures, you have multiple options of décor available in any theme you want. You can have a customized decoration and turn it into your dream wedding.

Flexibility: You can always plan your wedding indoors and can go for a private photoshoot before the wedding to some outdoor place nearby.


Space Issues: The indoors will be limited in capacity and space so a large number of guests cannot be catered.

Costs: The costs of decoration and enhancement is increased in cases of indoors, such as the backdrop and additional cost of lighting for photography.

Catering: You cannot have a huge portion of food catering as live cooking cannot be done indoors, so you are limited in menu choices.

Wherever you plan and decide, remember it’s your wedding and you want it to be the best as this is a once in a lifetime chance. However, you should go for a flexible setting with indoors and outdoors both and go for a thematic tent rentals dc and décor.

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