Tree Removal Services: All About Tree Stump Removal

Tree Removal Services: All About Tree Stump Removal

When you cut down a tree, you have to remove the tree stump. Ask many people. They will tell you cutting down a tree is difficult. This isn’t the case. Removing a tree stump is where the work is. You can remove the stump by yourself if you have the skills, or hire a tree removal services provider to help you out.

Why should you remove tree stumps?

There are many reasons why you shouldn’t let the stump stay in the yard after cutting down a tree. Some of these reasons include:

  • Tree stumps take valuable space: You can do nothing with the space occupied by the tree stump. After all, there is a stump on it. When you get rid of the stump, you create physical space that you can use to grow grass, gardening, or create a playground.
  • Stumps are ugly to look at: Have you come across a yard with stumps poking out? It’s ugly to look at, isn’t it?  By leaving the stump on the yard, you risk upsetting the neighbors especially if you live in close neighborhoods. This is due to the ugly look the stumps create. The situation is made worse when plants grow them. By removing the stumps, you improve the look of the yard. Removing the stumps has been shown to also increase the value of your home.
  • Stumps are unsafe to have: Tree stumps are not only ugly to look at, they are also unsafe to have in your yard. You can easily trip and fall on them. Your children can also get hurt when playing.
  • Tree stumps can sprout trees: I’m sure you have come across this scenario. You cut down a tree, a few weeks later the stump starts sprouting. If you leave the stump growing, many small trees can start growing causing more problems than they were there before.
  • Stumps attract weeds and insects: This is usually common with rotting stumps. They attract ants, termites, grasshoppers, and other insects. The stumps also attract weeds that can be harmful to you and your family

Techniques to use in removing the stumps

If you feel it’s time to get rid of the annoying tree stump, you should go ahead and do it. The cool thing is that there are many techniques you can use to do it. Some of these ways include:

  • Mechanical removal: Here you need to chop the stump into small chips. To do it you need a tree stump grinder, chainsaw, and a shovel or grinder.
  • Chemical removal: From its name, this stump removal method makes use of chemicals. One of the best chemicals you can use is potassium nitrate. There are also tough bush killers and grass killing chemicals in the market you can go for.
  • Manual removal: Are you operating on a budget? You should use this removal method. While the method is cost-effective and requires just a few tools, it’s often labor intensive and takes a lot of time.
  • Burning the stump: This is the lazy man’s way of getting rid of the stump. While it’s cheap, it has high failure rates. You may have to do it a number of times before you get rid of the entire stump, which can take a number of weeks, or even months.

DIY tree stump removal

Unless you are highly experienced, you should avoid removing the stump by yourself. This is because the process comes with plenty of issues that include:

Underground issues: These are issues that involve water pipes, gas pipes, underground electric lines, and other underground related issues. Old trees have long roots that go deep and far from the yard. When removing the tree stump, you can damage the underground pipes. In some cases, you might step on the electric lines, electrocuting yourself in the process.

Machine issues: For you to remove the stump, you need a machine. When you don’t have the necessary experience, you stand damaging your yard. In some cases, you might damage your property when removing trees near the house.

For you to avoid the complications that come with removing the tree stump by yourself, you should hire tree removal companies Montgomery County to help you with the work.

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