Things To Consider Before Going For Hair Extensions

Things To Consider Before Going For Hair Extensions

Deciding on getting hair extensions in salons is a very big change one can induce in his/her life, and cannot be based on an emotional decision just because it worked for some people. There is not any hair extensions salon that promises guaranteed results because the are some risks involved in this. So, before being attracted to the end result, it is important to be exposed to all the things that can go wrong in the process.

For this very purpose we have created this guide for you to follow before you decide on using the services of hair extensions in salons.

  1. Minimum Length and Strength

If you have hair that is really short (less than 5 inches) and is layered, you should not expect to get extensions because the chances of the fusion not working out are much greater. Even if your hair is longer in length, but is layered towards the top that gives it a shorter length, hair extensions salons classify such hair to be unsuitable.

It is important for the salon to be very transparent to their potential clients about the risks involved if they still plan on going ahead with it, because even the most ignorable circumstances such as thin hair that is not strong enough from the roots can be enough to give a negative result.

  1. Your Lifestyle

The minor things that you would think don’t have an impact on a decision like hair extensions actually have a major impact. If you are a person who exercises a lot, swims regularly, exposes his/her hair to water very frequently or uses a certain kind of shampoo that does not complement such transplants very well, you may not be a suitable candidate for a transplant.

It also depends on how willing you are to make amends in your lifestyle according to your extensions. Hair extensions in salons do actually turn out to be successful most of the times these days because of the advanced methods carried out, but the sustainability of the changes made depend on how well the client takes care of his/her hair.

  1. Medical Conditions

Even the most minor of allergies can have a major impact on the process of you getting hair extensions. That is because the chemical or products used in the process might not be suitable for you and may affect your health negatively. That is why many hair extension salons are careful about this and usually ask you if you don’t have any medical condition which might get in way of the process.


The purpose of this article was, by no means, to discourage you from getting extensions; they look incredible and have also worked out really well for some famous celebrities and many people. That being said, the hair care products that come after the procedure are really expensive and the amount of time you will have to invest, especially in the initial days, will be phenomenal if you do not wish to make the entire effort in vain. You can hit your nearest hair extension salon rockville and get expert opinion.

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