Common Car Window Tinting Myths And Facts

Common Car Window Tinting Myths And Facts

Car Glass Window Tinting contributes to reduced energy expense, reduced solar damage, and less heat intake which in turn helps extend the longevity of your car’s interior. Following are some common myths associated with professional car window tinting along with counteracting facts.

Myth: Window films make car windows dark.

Fact: Car window tints are available in a variety of hues ranging from very light, almost invisible ones to the very dark ones that reflect the most amount of heat. Your car windows will only go dark of you opt for a dark hued window tint.

Myth: Window tints discolor and bubble over the course of time.

Fact: Bubbling only occurs when one is utilizing a substandard quality of film or when the installation has not been done by a professional. Car Glass Window Tinting involves metallized films; these do not change hues and maintain the same aesthetic. If you opt for a good quality film and hire a professional to get the job done then rest assured, your car is in good hands.

Myth: Professional car window tinting blocks all UV rays and fading.

Fact: Car window films are designed to provide protection against harmful UV rays and almost all of them do the job by blocking at least 99.9% of the damaging rays. Not only that, but car glass window tints also reflect a large amount of solar heat as well as visible light; both of which contribute to fading. However, fading is not the result of simply UV ray or solar heat or visible light exposure. UV ray exposure only contributes to around 40% of the fading process. Other causes of fading include humidity, indoor lighting, chemical vapors, and poor quality of materials. All of these factors cannot be controlled by professional car window tinting.

Myth: UV ray protection loses its effectiveness over time.

Fact: Professional car glass window tinting uses films that come with trademarked adhesive system. This system utilizes a tried and tested formula of adhesion that maintains its effectiveness for long. Many come with a 15 to 20-year warranty. If you feel that your tints are losing their effectiveness, then a likely reason is substandard quality of the product used.

Myth: Car glass window tints will deter the glass from breaking.

Fact: While professional car window glass tinting does contribute to safety by preventing glass from breaking but that in no way means that it makes the car windows completely impenetrable. While getting your car windows tinted will contribute to more effort to impeach the glass, it certainly will not prevent any attempts at burglary or theft.

Myth: Tinting aids insulation by keeping out the cold.

Fact: Whilst some companies vouch for this attribute, it is not completely true. Tints are designed to reflect heat, therefore, regardless of the season; the tint will give off a cooling effect.

Car window glass tinting Springfield is an excellent way to make sure you and your car stays protected from the harmful rays of the sun.

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