8 Last Minute Wedding Planning Tips

8 Last Minute Wedding Planning Tips

No matter how much time you have to plan for your big day, there’s always a lot of verifying and last minute work that needs to be done. Talking to your wedding tent rentals and revising everything is just one important thing, there are many more. Few of them are stated below:

Prepare a Checklist

You don’t want to miss out on any of your dreams right? Because it’s your big day and you want it to go exactly how you always wanted it. So for this make sure you make a wedding planning checklist and be sure to prepare this list at least 3 months prior to the big day so that you keep on updating the list as you recall things. Then a day before the big day check all the things you have done and circle out all the things that are left. After this quickly rush to complete the circles before time runs out and it’s the big day already.

Revising Your Playlist and Entry Song

Playlist is very important because obviously you can’t afford a breakup song on your wedding day so make sure you have revised your playlist before the big day. Also, your entry song is also very important because it’s a very special moment when the bride walks down the aisle and everyone has their eyes stuck at her. You surely can’t afford to ruin the moment with a wrong song.

Dress Fittings

You can’t afford to waste those thousands of dollars by wearing an ugly fitted dress on your big day. Fitting is important – so order your wedding dress months before the event and also wear it when it’s done at-least a week before so that it could be fixed if something is wrong. You will thank us later.

Recheck and Confirm Delivery Dates

Keeping a track of the delivery dates of everything from dress to shoes to wedding party rentals items is very important. So make sure you check these and confirm it with the vendors via call or by visiting.

Don’t Forget To Order the Cake

You simply cannot forget the cake. I know we all have a dream to cut the three tiered white fondant cake with fresh flowers on our big day. So make sure you have booked your favorite baker and told him/her your exact requirements including your dress combinations to ensure you don’t have to compromise on the taste or the design of your cake at the last moment.

Select Your Wedding Hashtag

Wedding hashtag is something you just can’t miss out like it’s the new trend. So make sure you have made a list of options you can select and after taking your bridesmaids suggestion finalize the best option.

Finalize the Giveaway Cards

The wordings of the giveaway card needs to be revised to avoid any mistakes that can leave the whole crowd laughing about it at the event and even later at the meet ups.

Finalize the Head Count

It’s very common to have a change in the head count at the last moment like a week before the big day many of your guests will inform you that they have meetings or are going on a vacation or have any other commitments so they won’t be able to make it to your event.

Thus it’s always considered a good option to inform the head count to all the vendors like your event planner, your wedding party rentals Rockland NY a week before the event as this way they will be able to make the exact arrangements required.

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