Tips to Choose Area Oriental Rugs for Your Dining Room

Tips to Choose Area Oriental Rugs for Your Dining Room

Putting area oriental rugs in your dining room can dramatically enhance even the simplest of spaces. Instead of being a mere place to eat, an antique rug can transform your dining room into a wonderful place to convene, gather, talk, laugh, and enjoy the company of your family and friends. Indeed, antique Persian rugs make dining rooms great family rooms and a place to linger. When shopping for one, there are some things you need to consider.

Knot Count

Choosing an antique rug for your dining room is not the same with choosing for one for other parts of your home. Antique person rugs make them look good in dining rooms because of their high knot count, which make them more durable compared to those with lower knot counts. Persian rugs tend to have higher knot counts due to the way these are made and their design intensity.

Fiber Content

Fiber content is vital for rugs which will go through heavy use. Most of the antique and modern Persian rugs are made of wool. Wool is a great material for dining rooms because it is hearty. This can clean easily, withstand wear and tear, and hold color and shape beautifully.


Size is extremely essential when choosing an antique rug for your dining room. The rug must be big enough to accommodate the chairs and table, even if the chairs have been pulled out with the people sitting on them. The general rule of thumb to find the right size of rug is that a table that has four chairs requires 6 foot by 9 foot rug in order to accommodate it. But, since tables differ in size, it is a must to measure the chairs and table and the room size, and prepare this information when you go to the rug shop.

Design and Color

Although composition and size are technical considerations when shopping at the rug store va for area rugs, design and color matter only in the sense that they please the owner, who happens to be you. There are rug shoppers who prefer intricate and small designs, with bright colors, while others choose open designs with muted colors, or a combination of these. Most dealers offer plans wherein rugs could be taken home on approval. You can inquire from the dealer if they offer this option, and ask about their terms of return to be sure.

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