Why should you not pour grease in drain?

Why should you not pour grease in drain?

No, please do not pour that grease down your drain. Of course, grease is hot and oily, and can be hard to deal with. However, pouring it down the drain is probably not the best way to deal with it. This is because it could result in serious issues such as a blockage of the drain which will later require drain pipe inspection with camera.

While drain blockage may sound like a minor issue to you, it can quickly become a source of headache for you. In specific, you would not want a foul smell in your kitchen just because the water will not flow down the pipes.

Reasons to avoid pouring grease in drains

At the same time, it can hinder all your regular kitchen activities also. In this article, we talk about why you should never pour down the grease in your strains.

Why Grease is Bad for Your Drains?

Grease starts to become a solid after it is cool. Sometimes, this grease flows out of your pan and goes into the drains. Here, it solidifies in no time, and then acts as a sticky trap. After that, anything solid flowing down you drain will start to stick with it.

This includes all types of debris and gunk. With that, it may also attract more insects in the sink that will also eventually get stick to it. As a result of this, the build-up will continue to increase. And this is the exact reason why grease is considered to be bad for the local septic tanks and sewer systems.

What to do with grease?

Well, there are a number of things that you can do to deal with all that cooking grease. Duck far, lard, and bacon grease are all prime candidates that you need to be aware of. Basically, any type of grease that will become a solid at normal temperature should not go in your drains.

With that, you should also avoid pouring liquids such as cooking oils, vegetable oil, canola oil, and olive oils in the drains.

So, what should you even do with it? When the grease is hot, just pour it down a dedicated can or jar for the grease rather than the drain sink. You can always use a mason jar or can simply pour it in a dedicated bottle.

After the jar or can fills out, just scoop out the solid grease and let it go in the trash bin. Or else, throw the entire can or bottle away.

In the case of oil, allow the oil to cool before you throw it away. Then, pour it in the trash can on top of some paper towels if the oil is less in quantity. However, this will not be an option if you have a large amount of oil.

If you have already poured these down your drain, then there are still some actions that can help you out. In this case, pour a boiling water gallon right through the drain. It should melt some of the solidified grease in the pipes and make it easy for it to flow down.


In case you suspect that your pipe is fully blocked, then there is no way other than calling sewer cleaning companies Bergen. Such services will help you in getting rid of the problem better than anybody else. And since these problems can quickly turn into a big havoc, we suggest you not delay it at all. Because the more you delay, the worse the issue will become until eventually all your drain-pipes are blocked and there is a foul smell in your kitchen. Do not let that day come!

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