8 Main Causes Of Hair Loss In Men And Women According To Trichologists

8 Main Causes Of Hair Loss In Men And Women According To Trichologists

Hair loss has become the most common problem faced by both men and women these days and in fact, the hair restoration clinics seems more crowded than other clinics now. This is why I guess it is important to shed light on the main causes behind the hair loss so people can take precautionary measures.

Insufficient Protein Intake

Proteins are the most important thing in your diet that keep your hair healthy but most people miss this part. However, hair loss caused by this reason is temporary and can be easily recovered once you start regulating your protein intake. Try to add protein rich foods in your diet like meat, fish and eggs and some vegetables too which can really improve the overall health of your hair.

Taking Too Much Stress

It is understandable that taking stress is not in your hands obviously but it really affects the health of your hair and you may face severe hair loss. It is because all humans have proper hair cycles having three phases of growth, rest and shedding. A stressed mind may give shock to our hair cycles which pushes more hair into the shedding phase. But again this hair loss is temporary and can be recovered quite easily once you are relieved from the stressed situation.

Taking Vitamin A Excessively

Having anything in excess is always bad for you and so is the case with Vitamin A too. If you are taking supplements of Vitamin A and it goes in excess, then it can surely trigger the loss of hair you are going to face very soon. Normally people used to have strands of their hair falling off while they stay unaware about the reason. So, you need to observe your lifestyle properly if you are facing any such issues instead of leaving the matter unattended.


It is said that around 80% of women faces severe hair loss while they are pregnant. However, most women even continue having hair loss after two to four years of delivering the baby. It is because pregnancy also gives you a kind of physical stress which result in hair loss. No doubt, it is for sure that you will be back to normal soon as it is not a permanent thing to have and your hair will grow back.

Hormonal Imbalance

Women face this problem during or after pregnancy, having birth control pills, sometimes when they are in physical contact with more than one male or at the time of menopause. While men face the same issue as soon as they hit puberty or they have sudden change in their diet. For both men and women, it is more likely to face hair loss in these situations if you have a family history of baldness. However, this too can be controlled by consulting your doctor and you may be guided to take oral medication or stop consuming some drugs of your regular use.

Anemia or Hypothyroidism

Diseases like anemia or hypothyroidism may also cause hair loss in your body that you can fix by consulting your doctor. The most common type of anemia many people suffers from is the iron deficiency which can be controlled by taking iron supplements. And for hypothyroidism, you may be prescribed to take synthetic thyroid medication which can bring your thyroid levels back to normal range. In both cases, your doctor will ask you for some tests to confirm the real cause of hair loss to start medication.

Sudden Weight Loss

It is a trend these days to take supplements to lose your weight suddenly but many people are still unaware of the consequences of hair loss or hair thinning. Sudden weight loss shocks your body system, puts unnecessary stress on your body plus you might be having vitamin or minerals deficiency if you are following a strict diet plan. Chances are to regrow your hair back after a time span of around four to six months once your weight comes to stable point.


Everyone knows that chemotherapy results in complete baldness and the hair will grow back for sure but mostly it regrows with different texture and color

For fighting hair loss, the best option is hair transplantation. However, you should get checked by a hair transplantation doctor to know if you are eligible for the treatment.

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