Time to add some Color and Highlights

Time to add some Color and Highlights

It’s the Hairy Situation

The Hair has always been every woman’s concern every single day. It’s part of our everyday checklist. The way it should be styled and look matters because it is our crowning glory, our confidence booster, our fashion accessory.

Admit it or not, our mood depends on how great our hair is done or how we wanted it to look. At most times, we style it a lot and create a new personality out of it. There are seasons where we wanted it long, short, straight, curly, or colored.

Oh, yes, hair color and highlights are one of the world’s inventions that adds radiance to every woman’s do. And we have gathered the most “must-try” hair colors and highlights that will make you run to your trusted salon today.

The Hair Color Wheel Collection

May this serve as your guide to properly choose the kind of vibe you wanted your hair to wear every waking moment of your lives. So, choose wisely! (*wink)

Legally Blonde

Can you think of a blonde celebrity with noticeable – solid blonde? Hardly, because the truth is it’s the highlights that do the trick to making it dashingly radiant.  Some medium or light tones on a few strands and tips will make your boring blonde legally standout.

Darker Shades of Brown

For sure there are 50 plus colors that you can apply to your natural brown locks, but just keeping the highlights at the bottom with medium shades will be perfectly perfect. Especially if you are coming from one color and would like to try the brown shades, girl, make your tips and lower hair portions flaunt the new you.

A Few Strands will Do

The moment you have chosen a darker shade to wear like dark brown, ombre, or deep brunette, you can now experiment with dark to lighter highlights which you can apply on your random strands. The final finish will surely give you the hype.

Chestnuts roasting on your Do

Perfect for your natural dark hair or to those who wanted darker shades. The chestnut lights are a thing and it will leave you flawless with a hassle-free maintenance. The darker roots with a good blend of warm highlights will bring out the dimensions you didn’t imagine possible.

The United Colors of Locks

If you are more of the creative or bold type of woman who loves challenges and trying the “out of the box” things, multi-colored base or highlights is something that should be on your “to-do” list. Sticking to your natural roots is the secret to an ‘out of the ordinary’ multi-colored highlights. Shades of pink, green, blue, or red are just some of the famous lights to try.

Be a bit Subtle

A nice little piece and quiet on your hair is something that brings out the sophisticated side of you. There is such thing as a subtle hair color and highlights. If you’re wearing a long layered hair, a little meltdown on your tips will keep up the style that will fit every occasion.

Caramel your Hair

We’re talking about dark chocolate hair with a blend of sweet, warm caramelized highlights and not your kind of dessert, okay? Just to make that clear. It’s the medium part of the bottom magic is what’s so amazing about this hair color and highlight style. It’s low maintenance and messy-free kind of style because it’ll all look so natural.

The “Woke up Like This” Syndrom

Living a busy lifestyle requires you to keep, as much as possible, a less complicated personal routine. So what you need is an offhand way of styling your hair. If you’ve got those natural volumes and curls, keep it. What you only need is a strong or medium confident base that will amazingly blend well with calm and warm highlights. Believe me, it’s effortless yet classy, just the way you like it.

So, what are you waiting for ladies? Visit the best hair color salon in your area today and have your hair experience that long overdue color and highlights that will make you look even more amazing.

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