Football as a Famous Sport

Football as a Famous Sport

Soccer or Football, as it is famous in many parts of the globe is a game or sport that is played between 2 teams, each containing 11 players. A rectangular field with goal posts at either end into which conflicting team must kick goals into forms the sketch of the game. There are important rules governing the game, even though much has replaced in the way the game is played now.

It is simply the world’s most famous sport considering that over three hundred million players from over two hundred countries around the globe are involved in the sport.

Origin of the game

The invention or origin of latest-day football throws up amazing and sometimes controversial details. It was highly trusted that England or Britain is where the game was first played in the medieval period and it slowly spread throughout the West. A game involving a party of youngsters playing a ball was first observed in the nineteenth century in England. Anyway, the Chinese claim that the sport in England is mainly drawn from a similar sport played in China several centuries earlier.

Popularity of the game

The popularity and rise of the game cannot be questioned and several massively high-status events and tournaments are held throughout the year in various nations. Expert football has seen the rise of several athletes playing the game at the top levels with big fan followings for the numerous teams. The English Premier League season is much awaited even and has soccer lovers thronging stadiums to witness between their favorite teams manned by expert football players from any countries.

Soccer is the term linked with football in the United States. Like many other games and sports where big amounts of money and authority are involved, soccer has seen its share of scandals and infamy in recent years. The likes of former superstar Michel Platini and FIFA President Sepp Blatter have been accused of corruption and facing suspensions and full bans. Several aspects like conflict of interest, code of conduct, loyalty, accepting commissions and gifts are part of the charges leveled against the top ranked officials in the game.

Over the year, the supremacy of South American players in the football has slowly been changed by several western players but the game continuous to be very famous even as a street sport as it does not need much infrastructure or equipment.

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