What are the important equipment/tools used by an arborist?

What are the important equipment/tools used by an arborist?

It is always better to engage a professional arborist or tree service companies to cut down a tree in your yard and to remove it to some distant place.  If you have any idea to carry it by yourself as a DIY activity then you need to keep the equipment needed for the work ready at hand either taken on rent or purchased directly from the market or through online sites. For buying the equipment needed for tree cutting and other services, good amount of money is needed. It is better if you have some basic idea about the equipment that are commonly used and commonly needed for services related to tree cutting, stump removal etc. All these details will be discussed in this article.

Unavoidable tree cutting equipment

Chainsaw: There is no easy way other than making use of a chainsaw than to carry out the cutting down work of large trees.  An axe will be enough if the tree is small. Anyhow if you want to get the work done quickly a chainsaw is essential and is unavoidable.

There are two important aspects to consider when purchasing a chainsaw for cutting trees.  Electric versus gas chainsaw, which one to select? Gas powered chainsaws have more mobility. But finding the correct ratio of gas and oil is a tricky issue. Some people may not like gas chainsaws on the ground that they are not suitable for the environment and that it is costlier. Electric chainsaws do not have these drawbacks. But extra extension cords will be needed to connect the tree which you want to cut and remove. They are potential nuisances and can cause other problems also.   If you are not able to get connected to the electrical outlet in the location you won’t be able to do the work and you will be out of job.

The price of a chainsaw is proportional to the power of the chainsaw you are going to buy.  More powerful chainsaws will be more expensive. The cheapest ones which can be used  for felling small size trees  will be available for roughly about $ 150.  But for chainsaws capable of felling larger trees it will cost about $300 to $400.

Hire tree cutting professionals


If anybody heads for tree felling any yard with only one chainsaw, he will not be able to complete the felling work safely, satisfactorily and completely.  Some more additional tools will be needed for completely doing the work. Some such tools and equipment needed by an arborist or a person engaged in DIY tree removal work are detailed below.

Ladder: it will be difficult for any person to reach the tall branches or to overcome obstacles in the higher positions. A ladder is unavoidable for anybody engaged in tree felling activities.

Rope: The cut branches or sections of the tree have to be lowered down safely without causing any damage to the property or without hurting any living beings in the area. For this sufficient quantity of rope is required. Tree fellers have their own indigenous methods to bring down the cut branches safely using ropes and pulleys.

Ax: Ax will be enough if you are felling a rotten tree or a small tree. So investing on high quality ax is always good thing to do if you plant to engage yourself in tree services after completing the present DIY work.

Wedges: When wedges are used in combination with ax and chainsaw, it will make the process easier.

Safety equipment: Whether the chainsaw or ax is going to be used for cutting the tree safety devices like headgears, protective clothing, googles etc are always unavoidable in any tree care activity.

First aid kit: keeping a first aid kit in a convenient position can be helpful in case of any emergency situations  or  if any accidents occurs.

Work gloves: work gloves help to provide better grip to your fingers which will be needed while using the ax or while handling the cut branches.

Hatchets: Hatchets are useful for cutting the small branches attached to the big branches that are cut using the chainsaw or the ax.

One must understand that a tree service company will not be perfect without the above tools wherever you find a find a tree service.

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