Essentials to Know about Cleaning a Commercial Ice Maker

Essentials to Know about Cleaning a Commercial Ice Maker

Commercial ice maker maintenance is very important as it is used in restaurants, ice cream parlors, nurseries and nursing homes to keep foods and medicine at good condition. Knowing the problems of ice maker machines and finding the solutions quickly gives guarantee to the customers to have clean food and proper medicine always. If you own a commercial ice maker, our detail discussion on it will help you to understand your device better.

When to Clean up Your Ice Maker Machine

As ice is considered by FDA as food item, you should handle and care it like other food items. If you go for cleaning within small intervals, you can get rid of the formation of moulds and bad odor. In case you face the following issues, it is time to go for cleaning the ice maker machine-

  • Gets slower to release ice
  • Impossible to cycle at harvest mode
  • Poor ice quality
  • Produce incomplete and poor cubes
  • Lower capacity

Guidelines You Should Maintain to Clean Ice Machine

To increase the lifeline of the ice machine, you can follow the following tips and guidelines so that the longevity of the machine extends-

  1. Clean the machine every six months.
  2. If you see the machine require frequent cleaning and maintenance, you should consult a commercial service company to verify the quality of water. Maybe you require a water treatment.
  3. Always try to follow the manual, provided with the machine at the time of purchase.
  4. Some manufacturers provide special cleaners and sanitizers for the machine. Always use those for your machine.
  5. Never mix cleaner and sanitizer together.
  6. The ice produced during cleaning and sanitizing, should be discarded. Also, it is suggested to discard the first batch of ice after cleaning.
  7. Wear protective safety glass and rubber gloves while sanitizing and cleaning solutions for the machine.

How to Clean the Ice Machine

To extend the life of your ice maker, you can go for preventive maintenance which is an efficient process to increase the longevity of the machine. The key solutions of Preventive Maintenance are-

  • Checking and sanitizing water system
  • Cleaning the unit exterior and bin exterior
  • Checking the air filters on air cool models
  • Checking the inlet water valves
  • Visual inspections for oil spots, loose wires, corrosion, loose fasteners, etc.

Commercial ice maker repairs fairfax include all these tasks and they perform every task efficiently so that the ice making machine runs without any flaws.

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