Linen Rentals: How to Choose Your Table Linens Wisely

Linen Rentals: How to Choose Your Table Linens Wisely

Many times, party linen rentals are taken for granted, especially since many people think of table linens as their least concern when they plan an event. However, the linens you use for the tables could actually be among the most crucial decisions you will ever make.

Before you decide on your linens, here are some quick tips to serve as your guide:

Pay a Visit to the Local Rental Store

Discuss things with the rental representative. Provide them with as much information as you can. Allow them to raise their own questions as to how you would like your event to feel and look. Let them give their own suggestions. For all you know, they may recommend something you didn’t consider like chair ties, napkin designs and runners.


Every different company sometimes calls the same kind of linen by various names. One store might refer to polyester linens as solids while another store may refer to them as classics. Are you searching for polyester, burlap, satin or cotton? You have to know the differences and determine what you want before you order.

Never Wait Until Last Minute

If you will wait until a day before your event in choosing the linens, you will only discover that what you need is no longer available. In most cases, rental companies have linen samples put on display that they don’t stock but are willing to order especially for you. They will of course need advance notice to order these special linens.

Know Your Needs

The rental representative might not be able to give you the right linens when you don’t have all the essential information. What are the sizes of the tables? What is the length of drop do you prefer? Take note that you will want linens not just for the tables of guests but also for gift, cake, and buffet tables and other tables that will be used. When you have non-standard size tables, you also need exact measurements of those.

Colors Can Vary

See to it that you an actual fabric swatch then compare this to the sample color you would like to match. Never trust the color you see on the computer screen to be the exact color in person since it might be totally different.

Spend Wisely

In many cases, the venue will have linens which are already included in the package. However, these linens are often available in basic neutral colors such as white, ivory, and others. If you want to save money, you can always make the most out of these linens and just rent the runners, chair ties or overlays from the rental company. You can dress up a basic white polyester linen with an organza overlay or transform the not so pretty chairs into a beautiful thing with a mere satin chair tie.

Indeed, linens play a crucial role in your event so aside from looking for party tent rentals nyc, make sure you choose the best rental company for your linen needs.

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