How To Cut Down A Tall Tree Yourself

How To Cut Down A Tall Tree Yourself

A tall tree is an excellent factor for aesthetic appeal for your home and garden. It acts as an asset for your home giving shade, a beautiful façade and increasing the sale price of your home. However, sometimes the need arises to cut down your tree and you can attempt to cut down a tree yourself or get the services of tree removal companies.

Cutting down a tree is not an easy task, and if you have no knowledge about cutting down trees then it will not be sensible to try to cut your tree yourself. It is advisable to call in a professional arborist for cutting down a tree. You can still manage to cut a small tree, but a tall tree can be dangerous, especially if any sort of accident occurs. An expert arborist will charge a lot for tree cutting but if you DIY a tall tree and if there is any sort of accident then the cost of the medical bills will exceed that of the arborist so make a wise decision before you begin.

Things You Will Need

  • Chainsaw
  • Wheelbarrow
  • Big strong ropes
  • An axe

Precautionary Measures

You will be needing protective gear and safety measures to protect yourself if any sort of accident occurs.

  • Protective strong boots to protect your feet from wood chippings and any small stones.
  • Protective goggles to avoid the chainsaw dust and particles from going in your eyes.
  • Big leather gloves to avoid any bruises or cuts and blisters in your hands. Gloves also help to give a better and firmer grip on the chainsaw.
  • Hard helmet to protect your head from falling twigs, branches, and pieces of wood.
  • Padded earphones to avoid the loud noise of the chainsaw.

Steps To Cut A Tree Yourself

Take all the safety measures

  • Before you start with the actual cutting process of the tree you will need to take all the safety measures.
  • Make sure you know what you are doing.
  • Learn how to cut a tee by yourself by looking at the video tutorials and from the internet and by taking tips from the experts.
  • Wear all the necessary protective gear and suiting.
  • Remove all the obstacles and things surrounding the area of the tree. Make sure there is no person, animal, houses, or anything nearby which could get damaged due to the falling of the tree.
  • If there are any houses, power lines or anything else or you still are not sure about cutting a tree yourself then you can still call an arborist.

Make A Cut

  • Once all the obstacles are removed you can now make a cut on the tree.
  • You will have to make a V-notch so the tree can easily fell. Make a V-notch on the side of the tree that you want to fell over.
  • See for the obvious signs that a tree could fall such a slight lean on one side or heavy branches on one side.
  • Make a cut with your chainsaw on the tree parallel to the ground to the lower side. This cut side should be at least 1/3rd or 1/4th of the trunk area.
  • Now make a horizontal cut at 45 degrees with the parallel cut such that both cuts meet at a point. It will create a V shaped wedge which you should remove.
  • Now on the opposite end of this cut make another cut. This is known as the back cut. It should be horizontal and around 8 inches deep. It should be higher than the V notch.
Run away

When you have made all the cuts then you need to run away from the area because the tree is going to fall off any minute. Both the cuts form a hinge for the tree to sustain itself and balance the fall.

It is recommended that if the tree is old, dead or near to deterioration then you should leave the work for a tree removal service Maryland that has people who are doing this for years. And for a task that is a complex one like cutting down a tall tree, you need professional help, otherwise it can go south very quickly. To find a good tree cutting company, go online or ask friends and family.

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