Types of kitchen cooktops

Types of kitchen cooktops

In today’s world, the kitchen is not just a random place where people cook. Rather, it is a place where people find solitude and like to connect with themselves. For many people, cooking is no less than a meditation. However, this would not be possible without a solid cooktop, which of course, comes with its own appliance repair concerns.

So, are you wondering what these concerns could be? Well, this article does not deal with the concerns rather it deals with the different types of cooktops that are available in the market. Depending on your local market, you may find these or not. So, we suggest you search properly.

Type of Cooktops

Now, let us get right into the different types of cooktops that you can buy for your kitchen.

Gas cooktops

First of all, we have the well-esteemed gas cooktops. These cooktops use natural gas to light up and cook the food. This is a design that is more preferable for chefs who are serious about cooking. After all, gas cooktops can deliver a very high heating energy. However, note that they may not be the safest of all equipment.

Of course, accidents related to gas cooktops are rare. However, they are still very much possible if care if not taken properly. With proper care and usage, gas cooktops can offer a lot of benefits to a chef in the house. For instance, these cooktops come with adjustable controls.

Furthermore, the burner is designed to attain a maximum and minimum temperature. It does this by restricting or relieving the flow of gas to the burner. And hence, the heat of the flame increases or reduces accordingly.

Though, also note that gas cooktops are said to increase the carbon footprint a lot. So, if you care about the environment a lot, gas cooktops might not be the right choice from an environmental perspective.

Electric cooktops

Next, we have the electric cooktops, that are just as popular as gas cooktops. However, the main issue with electric cooktops is that they do not deliver a very high power. Of course, they will get your job done. But they can also result in a high electricity running cost.

But of course, they also have several benefits. For instance, electric cooktops are very robust and are also very easy to install. With that, they also come in many sleek designs, and are very easy to use. However, this also has another downside. They are a little less responsive as compared with the gas kitchen appliances.

Induction cooktops

Lastly, we have the induction cooktops that are also very easy to use. And at the same time, induction cooktops are also preferrable by many people because they are less costly to run in comparison to electric cookers.

But note that these are premium cooktops. And due to this reason, you will have to pay a higher upfront fee when buying these cooktops. In other words, induction cooktops are more energy efficient, but also more expensive to buy in comparison to other cooktop types.


We have mentioned three of the most popular cooktop types in this article. Now, after reading about their advantages and disadvantages, you may be ready to buy either of these. Just remember that these may or may not apply to you depending on your case.

For instance, electric cooktops may not be suitable for you if you are looking for a very high power. Similarly, if there is no electric cooktops repair Alexandria service near you, then you are better off with another type of cooktop. So, consider such factors before making a final purchase.


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