Marko Stout: Maven of Vivacious Digital Artwork

Marko Stout: Maven of Vivacious Digital Artwork

Marko Stout is New York based multimedia and film artist. The artistic work of Marko Stout is creating a lot of buzz in the digital art cosmos. This celebrity artist is not afraid of using mixed media to convey his message. In his recent project “Chelsea Girls”, Marko simultaneously depicts the vivacious dynamism and innermost contemplations of women who live in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York City. He makes use of vivid colors which provide soul to the art.

Marko Stout was born in South Africa on September 27, 1962. Marko relocated to the US as a child. He holds the university degree in evolutionary biology from Princeton University and received a medical degree from Columbia School of Physicians of NYC. But the passion toward art brings him into the world of Digital artwork.

Marko Stout’s artwork is not only pleasing to eyes, but they also give a strong message to the brain.

The official website of Marko Stout ( showcases his contribution to digital art. If you have understanding of artwork, then you can easily interpret that this artist conveys a strong message using layers of colors, mixed textures, small captions, and strong expressions. Most of his creations feature the intense gazes of the subjects.

Marko Stout made a remarkable contribution to the art world via his project Chelsea Girls. This urban girl artwork series is composed of urban outlines and depictions of a young girl with an intellectual city background. Chelsea Girls series was unveiled at the Art Expo show in April 2015 in New York City. After the huge success of the Chelsea Girls series New York Art Expo show, Chelsea Girls has started the 10 city world tour already. The art gallery will be organized at Los Angeles, Palm Beach, Amsterdam, Berlin, Miami, Stuttgart and San Diego. If you are lucky enough to have Chelsea Girls in your city, don’t miss the opportunity of witnessing the new era of art work.

Marko Stout’s work got great acclamation at various international art exhibitions, fine art galleries, private collections etc. Marko Stout also owns solo galleries in New York City, SOBE, Paris, Chicago, Berlin, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Madrid. You can also checkout his fantastic collection by visiting

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