Moving To A Newly Renovated Abode Tips

Moving To A Newly Renovated Abode Tips

So this is the moment your family has been waiting for. The moment of truth whether your home addition builder was able to give justice to the home renovation requests and details that you have discussed with them for the past few months. You are definitely psyched to see the fruits of your hard work and the home design you and the rest of your hood have dreamed of. But here’s the tricky part: the overwhelming effect of moving and this applies to a newly purchased house or a renovated turf.

Moving is not only a combination of different emotions but is also a mixture of ideas on what you should do first or how should you get started in preparing for your much-awaited move. Your main objective is to ‘stay organized’ otherwise you will be losing track of the important things that you should have with you when you move.


Moving can be exciting but can also be stressful, especially if you haven’t figured things out on how you can exactly ‘move’. Well, here are some tips that can somehow make your moving plans a bit easier.


  • If you have to move everything that you have in your present home never leave anything behind until the very last minute. Unless you are just booked in a hotel or temporarily living in your parents’ house, you can easily pack your bags and leave. But technically, you have 30 to 60 days moving window to make sure that your transfer will be stress-free. You can create a timetable of things that you need to pack and move with you and see to it that everything is itemized which you have to accomplish on a weekly basis.


  • If you’re worried about the distance this is the moment to think of a moving strategy. Moving from point A to point B can be a little bit overwhelming depending on how far your location is. If your place is not too far from where you are actually residing then moving won’t be a problem. You can easily ask friends with pickup trucks to help you out with the moving or if your new place is a stone’s throw then renting a truck or asking a moving company to work things out with you can really be a big help.


  • Well, by all means, you should always keep your helpers and movers in the loop about your plans, expectations, and requirements during and before you booked their services. See, you will definitely have a lot of boxes and big furniture with you which you will need a moving provider to help you with your big stuff. Discuss with your movers all the small and big details for them to be able to estimate the time, cost and equipment on the actual date of the move. Let them know about the weight of your items so that they can be prepared with anything.


  • This is sometimes the dilemma of some households who have experienced moving from one location to another after a major home renovation. Making a trip with all your home stuff requires an utmost choice on HOW and WHERE you will load all those pieces of furniture. Again, if the distance is just short then the trip can be managed in one drive, but if not, then you have to a truck with the right size where all your belongings can fit. See to it that it can make a single trip because having multiple trips can be a headache.


  • As much as you wanted to bring everything with you, sometimes you just have to let go of the things that you think will no longer be of use once you moved to your newly renovated spot. If you find value in them, host a garage or yard sale for those items you need to leave behind. As for clothing, you can either donate them to Goodwill or sell some of your great looking clothes online. You can also craigslist some of your furniture if you want. While old magazines, catalogs, and newspapers can be recycled too.

So now that you have ideas on how to move easily, you will no longer worry and experience the cramming technique. You will surely appreciate the wonderful job made by the home remodeling architects DC because you together with the entire family will now be spending the rest of your lives in your dream turf.

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