Real Estate Agent DC: Useless Features That Won’t Increase The Value Of Your House

Real Estate Agent DC: Useless Features That Won’t Increase The Value Of Your House

Many people looking to sell their houses know that the easiest way of doing so is increasing the value of the houses. They do this by installing additional features to the house.

While there are some features that will increase the value of the house, real estate agent DC report that there are some features that will lower the value of the house thus making it hard for you to sell it. These features that you should stay away from include:

In-ground swimming pool

A swimming pool might give your house an elegant and high-end look but you shouldn’t install it. A good quality in-ground swimming pool will set you back between $30,000 and $70,000.

While it’s expensive to install, don’t think that you will get back your money. Many families with children don’t want houses with a pool. This means that when you install a pool, you will have cut the number of potential buyers by more than ¾.

The pool is not only a danger to the children, it also increases the energy costs in the house. It also raises your insurance and requires a lot of maintenance.

Don’t install a swimming pool so that you can increase the value of the house. The only reason you should install it is if you are looking to stay in the house and you love swimming pools.

Extensive professional landscaping

A good landscape can definitely sway the buyers to buy a house, but going over the top and creating a backyard paradise, you will be shooting yourself on the foot.

This means that building an amusement park, installing a waterfall, or any other feature you will be making your house more difficult to sell. Even if you will sell the house, chances are that you won’t recoup your money.

You should note that landscaping choices are all about personal preferences and not all the people will appreciate the features that you will have installed in your lawn.

Instead of spending thousands of dollars in expensive landscaping, you should create a “wow” factor by maintaining a well-kept lawn, small trees, and well-laced shrubbery. The point is, just be simple in your landscaping and you will not only have an easy time selling the house, you will also sell the house at a high price.

High-end accessories

There is nothing wrong with installing copper plumbing, upgrading the electrical wiring, or replacing the entire sewer system. These accessories increase the efficiency of your home but they are less likely to fetch you more when it comes time to sell the house.

The improvements that you have made are considered standard in most areas and no house buyer will pay a premium for them. Sure, the buyers might buy the house at a slightly higher price, but you will most likely not get back your money.

The only reason you should install the utilities is if you are looking to stay in the house for some years. Don’t use them to mark up the price tag.

New roof

A new roof will give your home a crisp look and make the house more attractive to potential buyers. It also will help you stay ahead in the competitive market, but you will not get back your money as no buyer is willing to pay more for a new roof.

Real estate experts report that when you install a new roof you can only get back up to 60% of the cost of the roof. While this is the case, it doesn’t mean that you should neglect it. A ruined roof with mold and mildew will turn off prospective buyers.

You should definitely never install a new roof. The best way of going about it is maintaining the old one. If there are damaged shingles, replace them. You also should get rid of any mold that might be there. The only reason you should replace it is if it’s in a horrible state.

Parting shot

As you can see, not all additions you make to your house will help you fetch more money. Instead of wasting money on useless projects, consult a realtor DC and he/she will guide you in choosing the right places to channel your resources. For example, you can invest in remodeling the kitchen, bathroom, and other areas where you have high chances of recouping your money.

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