Taking care of your commercial kitchen appliances

Taking care of your commercial kitchen appliances

Commercial kitchen equipment has seen a great amount of transformation in the last decade. Today, we have all types of sophisticate equipment that includes refrigerators, ovens, sizzlers, and grills. These are specifically designed to fulfill some specific production requirements for restaurants. Moreover, these pieces of machinery are now easily available for all restaurant owners. However, commercial appliances have a catch! It is very important to take care of their maintenance. So consider looking around to find some commercial appliance repair companies nearby.

While commercial kitchen appliances are quire reliable, they sometimes do not work in the intended way. This can result in a number of hazards. Even though these pieces of equipment are designed to withstand prolonged use, their lifespan may become shorter due to poor care. Ultimately due to no maintenance, the machine will shut down and you will have to buy a new one.

Some tips to take care of your commercial kitchen equipment

So before that happens, consider using the tips mentioned in this article. These tips will help you in taking proper care of your expensive commercial kitchen appliances.

These include:

Setting up a maintenance schedule

Commercial ovens and stoves are the prime example of sophisticated machines that can go useless in no time due to no maintenance. Though, this rule will apply to each and every appliance in a commercial kitchen.

Often at times, restaurant owners tend to overlook systems maintenance. They think that they are covering each and everything in detail (at times they are). However, due to a lot of burden, it is natural to skip things. Unfortunately, a maintenance schedule often happens to be the one.

So first of all, set up and follow a proper maintenance schedule so that the life of your commercial appliances can be enhanced.

Read the manuals properly

Commercial kitchen equipment usually works in a different way, as compared to normal kitchen appliances. Although their functionalities are similar, the mode of operation may vary. Hence, it is very important for you and your restaurant staff to read the instruction manual.

Moreover, it is the responsibility of the restaurant owner to ensure that each and every staff member is well-acquainted with the usage of commercial appliances.

It is a good idea to set up appliance managers who will ensure that all the instructions are being followed by the staff.

Get familiar with the equipment

Once your restaurant starts running, you will not have enough time to google “how to fix a stove”. Hence, it is always helpful to have a little bit of practice doing minor repairs so that your operations can continue.

Moreover, make sure that all your appliances follow the local codes for environmental impact. For instance, refrigerators that contribute to ozone depletion are usually not allowed in certain areas.

Only buy from dealers that are trustworthy

Since commercial kitchen appliances can be quite expensive, it is not uncommon for restaurant owners to buy second hand equipment. While there is nothing wrong in it, buying used equipment from untrustworthy dealer can actually hurt you in the long-run.

So in case you have decided to buy used equipment, only take help from a dealer/supplier that you trust. Otherwise, chances of you getting scammed or ripped off are great! In case you do not know such a dealer, then consider buying brand-new appliances.

The major benefit of buying new equipment is that it all comes in a peak condition. Hence, there will be a 99% chance that the machinery will work on the go. Even if it doesn’t, you will be able to have a warranty claim for it.

What to do in the case of a major problem?

However, in the case of a major malfunction in let’s say an oven, your best bet would be take professional oven repair Northern VA help. This may take a little while though. Hence, having a smaller backup appliance is a good practice. While a smaller backup appliance will have a slow rate of production, it will help you avoid a potential down-time.


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