How to clean your drain effectively?

How to clean your drain effectively?

A clog which is quite stubborn and does not go away easily can turn your drain into a big difficulty. Indeed, it is extremely important to clean your drains regularly in order to get rid of the buildup of residue and to remove any nasty odors. Furthermore, cleaning drains also maintains good hygienic conditions in your kitchen and bathroom, which are extremely important. Otherwise, you are at the risk of getting sick and so are your loved ones. In case you feel like the clogs are too tough for you to clean at home, reach out to drain contractors right away and get a quote for the cleaning. A drain contractor will have all the necessary equipment required to remove the toughest of all clogs from drains.

Nevertheless, for as long as the clogs are minor, chances are that you can easily clean them and get them cleared by using home techniques. Furthermore, there are a number of things that you may do in order to prevent these clogs from returning and from the odors to build up.

Four methods to get rid of buildup and odors in house

In this article, we share four methods that you can use to get rid of buildup and odors in your drains. These include:

Use a mixture of baking soda, hot water, and vinegar

This a mixture that can eliminate a wide range of organic residue, grease, and bacteria from your drains. All that you need to do is to mix half a cup of baking soda in hot water and pour it down the drain. Next, add half a cup of vinegar down the drain and cover the drainpipe. Let this mixture stay in for 15 minutes before running the tap.

Use a biological cleaner

By using some simple regular prevention treatments, your drains can always smell nice and all the harmful bacteria will also be removed. At the same time, you will also be able to avoid clogs in the near future. In this regard, you may use a biological cleaner such as citra-drain. These cleaners are considered to be quite effective and environment friendly for blocked drains. Furthermore, in comparison to most of the chemical cleaners, they are safer.

Use lemon peels, salt, and ice

This is one of the best methods to remove any type of odor. In case your garbage disposal unit is stinking, for instance, this is due to the bacteria and organic residue that is building up inside. Fill this disposal with some ice cubes and add some salt. Next add some lemon peels and grind the mixture. This will help in killing all the bacteria and mold.

Use a plunger

Using a plunger is yet another method of cleaner blocked drains. However, this method works only for minor clogs. In the case of a major clog, using a plunged will not really help a lot. Rather the clog will remain stuck in a stubborn way. In that case, you will have to call in a professional drain cleaner who will make use of advanced equipment to clear the drain off.


If you are unable to clean the drains, then try not to go deeper into it or else you may end up damaging your drainpipes for good. This will later on cost you a lot in repairs. So, it is better to call a grease trap cleaning Bergen service rather than trying on your own. Know that a professional service provider will be able to serve you much better since this is not a job for the laymen. This way, you can prevent any possible damages that you may have to cover later.

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