The most popular Thai dish to leave you a food addict

The most popular Thai dish to leave you a food addict

Looking for the most popular Thai dish in the US? ‘Thai’ food refers to the food belonging to Thailand which requires very little introduction. Right from Sukhothai to San Francisco, it is the profusion of beautiful fragrances and exotic flavours that make Thai food the most coveted international level food. So, whether it is the piece of juicy grilled pork or the fiery bowl of lip smacking ‘Tom Yum’ soup, Thai dishes are extremely famous worldwide. You can vote for Pad Thai as the most popular dish in the US. When you meet up any Thai person, the first question that will be asked to you is ‘did you take your food?’ This clearly reveals that Thai people are very passionate about eating. The number of people crowding a Thai restaurant is the clear indicator of the fact that the countrymen love rich delicacies.

The diner’s participation dish: Pad Thai

In the celebration of fantastic cuisine festival of Bangkok, Thai restaurants have classed many Thai dishes as the most popular Thai dish in the US. Popular dishes of Thai include Tom Yum Gung, Panang Gai, Gai Pad Pongali, Pad Thai, Jim Jum, Kao Ka Moo, Kao Man Gai, etc. Among all the dishes, it is Tom Yum Gung and Pad Thai which requires no discussion. With the dish Pad Thai, Thailand is calling cards to the entire culinary world. It is an amazing Thai dish which can be prepared in a number of variations. Preparing the pad Thai is a timeless tradition which is being carried out in all the major occasions. The lavish dish is prepared using noodles that is dressed with the bean sprouts, tofu, onion, peanut ground and the final brilliant touch of seasonings. Pad Thai is the real diner’s participation meal.

How to serve Pad Thai?

Pad Thai is the most popular Thai dish in the US where you can introduce too many variations while serving it. You may put on the finishing touch of crushed peanuts, sugar, chilli and even fish sauce. The dish is rich in aroma and has a beautiful texture to tickle the taste buds.

Right from Khao San to the Cape Town, Pad Thai is the default Thai food which is the part of every festival. When dropped in the hot wok searing, the thin, wide and small noodles perform a last minute dance in the steam alongside the crunchy sprouts and egg. You can enjoy an interactive eating session with Pad Thai.

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