Self-Care and Recovery After Abortion

Self-Care and Recovery After Abortion

After getting an abortion, there is self-care and recovery that you must do. Abortion clinics will tell you what they are, but it also helps if you read about them here.

When a medical professional performs an abortion, the procedure carries very few health risks. However, you should know what you must expect after getting an abortion and how to get a full recovery.

Abortion clinics might give you oral relaxation or other pain medications to prepare you for the procedure. You might not be able to drive a car for hours after the procedure, which you need to be aware of.

No matter which clinic you go to, you need to know what to do afterward.

The Following Symptoms are Normal After an Abortion:

  • You will have spotting or bleeding for 3 to 6 weeks, but there are some who do not experience bleeding at all.
  • There are small to medium blood clots that will pass through
  • Cramping that is slightly heavier compared to a normal menstrual period
  • Your breasts will be painful or swollen

Your normal menstrual period should be back within 4 to 8 weeks, but initially, the bleeding flow might be slightly different.

You may experience mood swings. The shift in pregnancy hormones is to be blamed for this, which could be the result of abortion or pregnancy. Sometimes, it can be because of both factors.

There is a possibility that you will get pregnant sooner after getting an abortion when ovulation occurs that takes place before your first period. That is why you must consider birth control or avoid sexual intercourse altogether.

Prevent Infection

In order to decrease pelvic infection, follow these:

  • Take your prescribed antibiotic based on the directions
  • Avoid vaginal intercourse, and you should not insert anything, which includes tampons for two weeks. You can use sanitary napkins.
  • No douching, swimming, or baths. You can take a shower but do not sit in the bathtub with water.

Recovery time

Your time of recovery depends on your body because it varies. Women who had first trimester abortions or those without complications should start feeling normal after a few days. Within 6 weeks, the bleeding should have stopped already.

Late-term abortions involve longer recovery time. If you develop complications, recovery takes longer and you might have to get surgery and hospitalization. This is quite rare; most women recover within a couple of weeks.

When to see a doctor

You do not have to schedule another appointment after an abortion unless there are complications. It is recommended that you get an appointment with your doctor or gynecologist if you are due for an annual Pap smear, gynecologic or physical exam, need to refill your birth control, or to talk about fertility.

You should always know what to expect after going to a family planning abortion clinic DC because some are normal and some are not. Always prepare yourself to avoid getting shocked.

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