How To Keep Your AC In Best Shape

How To Keep Your AC In Best Shape

All homeowners add a lot of new tasks to their checklist before summer arrives. An important task that you can consider adding to this list is AC maintenance check. Preventive maintenance with the help of AC repair services is usually a lot easier as compared to spending more money on expensive repairs. Here are some points on how you can keep your AC in an excellent working condition this year.

Keep an Eye on The Air Filter

Air filters are the most abused part of your AC since all of the dirty air passes through it on a regular basis. That is why changing the air filter of your AC by checking it regularly is probably the easiest fix to a decreased efficiency of the AC system. But why is the air filter so important?

The air filter installed in your AC serves its purpose by continuously filtering the air for any possible dirt and dust particles. These particles keep accumulating in the air filter over time and eventually block it completely. A blocked air filter can cause the cold air flow to decrease, and can even cause the evaporator coil to freeze, possibly causing damage to a lot of other parts of your AC.

Don’t wait for the air filter of your AC to clog completely before changing it. Instead, you should get it changed once it has served you a reasonably long time, and is partially blocked.

Pay Attention to The Outdoor Unit as Well

Never cover your outdoor unit with anything that’ll block the outflow of hot air through it. With that said, you should also keep any type of harmful dust and dirt away from accumulating in or on your outdoor unit.

The outdoor unit of your AC is responsible for pumping all the hot air out of your house. But if it is covered or blocked in any way, the hot air might face a difficulty in coming out, and that can seriously harm the outdoor unit and can decrease the efficiency of your AC unit. Additionally, this can also increase your energy bills.

Seal All the Ducts in Your House

Any type of leaking ducts inside your house can cause leakages in the indoors. Which, in turn, can cause the AC to work harder in order to provide you with sufficient cooling inside the house. When this happens, you are bound to get a higher energy bill.

So, what can you do if the ducts inside your house are leaking? Well, first of all, you should call an HVAC expert and leave the important work to them. They might use various techniques like metal sealant, metal tape, refilling, and insulation addition to remedy the situation. Sealing your ducts even if they don’t have any leaks will help in increasing the efficiency of your AC and will result in lower energy bills.

Never Ignore Important Repairs

Usually, the AC starts showing small signs of wear early on, and then the bigger mistakes come in when you keep ignoring the important repairs over a long period of time. It might seem tempting to ignore the smaller repairs early on, but they’ll translate into bigger issues later on and will eventually cost a fortune to get repaired.

So, you can save a lot of money by giving timely repairs to your AC and by following HVAC maintenance schedule. Learn about some of the most common signs of small problems coming out of your AC, detect them, and repair them as soon as possible to save your day. Also, by ignoring the important small repairs, you’ll end up with a broken AC in the middle of a blazing hot summer day, so, better repair the system as it keeps showing you the signs of wear.

Preventive Maintenance Can Work Wonders for You

This is pretty much the takeaway from this article. That is why you too should schedule a maintenance break for your AC at least once every year. The ideal time for most of the homeowners is right before the summer when they’ll need their AC to work at its maximum efficiency.

Preventive maintenance is the only thing that can save you a lot of money in the long run, and keep your AC working even under the hardest of conditions. Also, look for expert HVAC repair services Port Jefferson to help you out when you need maintenance or repairs.

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