Treating Back Pain Effectively

Treating Back Pain Effectively

In some cases, treating acute back pain may require spine surgery doctor. But, in general circumstances surgery is only recommended. There are various steps with which your doctor or specialist try to treat your back pain without any surgery. Surgery is always considered as the last step when patient cannot bear the back pain and it is intervening with his or her routine tasks.

Methods or Treatments Followed by Specialists to Treat Back Pain

  • Pain Medications and Muscle Exercises

Pain medications are often used to give relaxation from the constant pain. Usually non-significant back issues would fade away with help of medications and you would be able to continue your regular activities without any issues. Muscles exercises and relaxation techniques should be performed under the specialists like chiropractors guidance. This would relieve the pressure on the nerve causing the issue.

  • Therapeutic Massages

Therapeutic massages are given by specialists to deal with back pain. This would help in relieving the muscle tension by increasing the blood flow in the area.

  • Heat or Ice Application

If there are no major issues with your nerves and spinal cord a doctor may ask you to apply heat or cold packs in the area. This would help in reducing the pain by reducing inflammation. Your doctor will tell about the durations and frequency of this heat or cold packs application. Your doctor will also tell you about the method of this application to get best results.

  • Manual Manipulation

Chiropractors or osteopathic doctor would perform these physical interventions. It would help in relieving pressure from the sensitive areas of your back. It would increase blood flow. Mostly, this therapy delivers great results and patients can recover with some of the sessions.

  • Light Exercises

Many times light and core strengthening exercises are recommended along with aerobics. It would help in building strength of core muscles. Your back area would become strong and it would reduce all the pain and discomfort. A regular stretching would also help in evading back pain issues in future.

All these non-surgical methods of treating back pain would help in reducing the pain. These treatments can also treat the issue completely and there would be no requirement for disc replacement surgery woodbridge or any other surgery to treat back pain. Surgery should never be the first choice to reduce or relive back pain. Surgery can be advised only when all the doors of back pain treatment are closed and surgery is the only option.

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