Wedding reception theme ideas

Wedding reception theme ideas

Great Wedding Reception Themes

Wedding reception themes are dictated by color, era and sometimes centered on the location. If you are looking for some inspiration, then read on.


If you like bold colors, then go for dramatic theme. Theatrical venue, decorated high ceiling hanging with beads or ribbons, gigantic floral decorations, huge picture windows and a grand finale with firework is a great way to end your evening reception. You can also light candles that can add a visually interesting twist.


Bright colors is an emerging trend in 2014. Pair your dress with bold colors, accessories like over-sized bangles, necklace and bright shoes to give that cool look. Ombre wedding cakes with bright icing, macaroons for guests, flip flops for guests to dance all night, thank you picture frames, tables decorated with bright flowers and minimal centerpieces make for a great bright color themed reception.


Success of the movie, The Great Gatsby has made the 20s a roaring theme. Go for waistcoats, bright colored shoes, elaborate headdress, art deco stationery and color schemes like grey, black and white, pale pink, beige. If you have a quirky venue like football ground or a zoo, you can go for pumpkin-shaped carriage or transport your guests on a double-decker bus.


Eco-friendly reception exuberates warm and friendly rustic look. This theme is apt for outdoors like barn, garden, etc. Print invitation on a recycled paper. Go for organic bridal dress, serviettes, organically grown food and arrange transport in a horse drawn carriage. Consider green color scheme, wedding cake and lanterns. The ground can be covered with flower petals to give it a finishing touch.


If you are planning a gothic wedding, then go for Edwardian engagement rings, vintage silver cutlery, black and red color scheme. Have black candle holders, decorative garden for the picture perfect backdrop. Add a dash of black to your wedding gown like a belt, bow or an accessory. Since gothic weddings are about drama and extravagance, a red velvet cake or black forest gateaux can be a great option.


You don’t have to head to a vineyard to get this look. There are many ways to get this old world look. Get some wine-inspired things like grapes, vines, barrels and bottles. You can also get escort cards stuck into wine corks and place them on top of wooden barrels. Replace vases on centerpiece with vintage bottle wines.

Implement one of these ideas with the help of a wedding planner and we guarantee you a well-executed wedding reception theme.

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