What can be the probable hazards of Vitamin D deficiency?

What can be the probable hazards of Vitamin D deficiency?

Vitamin D deficiency can cause various ailments including the cardiovascular diseases. Traditionally, any deficiency of Vitamin D caused rickets where the bone tissues did not materialize. Vitamin D deficiency can become apparent in the weakening of muscles and bone pain. The deficiency in the vitamin D may be caused due to a lack of consumption of the levels of Vitamin D, lack of proper exposure to sunlight and due to a darker skin tone. Vitamin D is incredibly useful for human body since it helps in the absorption of nutrients by the intestine, prevents osteomalacia, and offers a calcium balance to the body to prevent rickets and osteoporosis.

Vitamin D deficiency: The probable cause of osteoporosis

People suffering from Osteoporosis suffer a form of Vitamin D deficiency. Researches show that there is a direct association between bone mineral density and the deficiency of the vitamin. It determines the bone calcium and the bone strength. Woman with lower bone mineral density are at the greater risk of developing osteoporosis that may cause bone fracturing. Lower Vitamin D level places you at a risk of bone fracture and bone chipping. Attaining a good level of Vitamin D is the foremost treatment for weaker bones. Bones continuously undergo the process of bone resorption, which implies the birth and the death of bone tissue.

How can a deficiency in Vitamin D cause Fibromyalgia?

The kind of illness characterized by the fatigue, pain and some unconnected symptoms is called fibromyalgia. There is a great link between the ailment and Vitamin D supplement. Those patients, who suffer a chronic pain from fibromyalgia, must get the Vitamin D level checked. Here the tender points are the tendons, muscles and joints. Patients of this disease, suffer from mood disorders, insomnia and fatigue. Vitamin D is said to reduce the inflammation caused due to fibromyalgia. It is possible to defuse the back pain with vitamin D supplements.

Is depression and mood swings linked to Vitamin D deficiency?

Vitamin D deficiency is closely associated with depression. It is named as the sunshine vitamin since an exposure to the sun triggers the production of Vitamin D. Depression is very common after the age of 60 which accompanies the mood swings. Those who suffer from depression have a lower level of vitamin in the blood. Parathyroid hormone tends to increase with the reduction of vitamin D in the blood levels.


The main symptoms of Vitamin D deficiency show in the form of muscle and bones weakening. It is only with the proper level of Vitamin D in the blood that your bones may become healthy. Conditions like osteoporosis, depression, brittle bones can be treated with the vitamin D supplements.

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