How To Avoid Tree Cutting Accidents

How To Avoid Tree Cutting Accidents

Trees require regular care and maintenance such as trimming, pruning and removal. This is also necessary for better growth and health of the tree. Tree trimming and pruning is an easy task only if you are familiar with the tools and proper tree care but if you are not then it is better to call in expert arborist services.

When trees get old, ill or get diseases and die out, they need to be cut down and cutting down a tree should be left for the arborists as you may face accidents, which can result in wounds, bruises, fractures and in some cases loss of property and life. The only way to avoid these accidents is to call an arborist, but if you are determined to do this on your own then the below precautions will help you to avoid the tree cutting accidents.

Wear Your Protective Gear

The initial precaution you should take is to wear your protective gear. This includes your whole protective clothing, sturdy metal boots, thick leather gloves, mask, helmet and eye goggles. This gear will ensure that you do not harm yourself when the tree is cut as the tree scrapes do not enter your eyes or hurt your face. The boots ensure that you stand at one place and not slip or fall down. Trees have many species of insects and poisonous plants and weeds in them. These can lead to infections and sores if you come in contact with them.

Also, small animals such as raccoons, squirrels and small birds can also bite you if they have their homes built in the tree branches. The insects may bite or the bees may attack as well. All these scenarios require protection and a proper gear will be able to avoid it. The saw dust and tree chips may come into contact with your eyes and lead to eye injuries.

Handling Dangerous Tools

The tool that you will need for tree cutting is mainly a chainsaw and also sometimes a manual hacksaw. Chainsaw is a heavy and fast machine that you should be experienced to handle. There have been many incidents when people amputated their fingers or hands due to the chainsaw. There are many chainsaw safety procedures and methods which you should follow. Even if, still, you are unsure then it is better to call in an arborist rather than hurt yourself.

Also check all the heavy equipment beforehand, that it is in proper working condition.

Avoid Falls

Always have a backend support with you in case any accident occurs. A very common accident while tree cutting is a fall. Use a proper ladder with support or spread some huge sheet on the ground and keep something for support so you do not get hurt when you fall or you have support to hold on to something.

Avoid Electrocution

Many times, the tree branches are near power lines or the branches are entangled in the electric pole lines. In this case you should be extra careful because you may get electrocuted and may be hospitalized and even die. This is the most dangerous thing that can take place. Even if the tree is a little far away from an electric pole, you should not even take the slightest chance and call in an arborist.

Even after taking the necessary precautions, you should again check and make sure a second time and be diligent towards it as it is a matter of your life and your property. If you are equipped with knowledge and proper knowhow about tree cutting and also know how to carefully use the tools then you may proceed but still take all the necessary precautions. Check your tools and invest in a good protective gear.


Tree cutting is a task which should be best left for the experts as they are well equipped and trained and can handle any sort of situation and know how to deal with it. If you want to do it yourself to save money, you could hurt yourself or damage your property which might cost you more. So, it is wise to leave risky tasks such as tree cutting and removal to professional tree services Maryland who are properly skilled to do it.


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