A countertops guide for new buyers

A countertops guide for new buyers

The kitchen is the crowded center in a house, where you prepare, entertain, and relax, and this must be mirrored in your countertops. These hard-working surfaces must match your space, balance your style, and satisfy your requirements. So, the countertop replacement options for today are more complex and thrilling than ever.

A Countertops Buying Guide for You

It can be overwhelming to find a new countertop. You have to remember reliability, material costs plus setup, as well as how it can harmonize with the decor of your house. It’s all about countermeasure: the pros and cons of the countertops those who’re considering are to be sought out. In particular, since materials can be comparable in price.

Quartz Countertops

For kitchen countertops, quartz is a very solid, non-porous substitute. Without sealing, it avoids the sun, water, bacteria, and stains, making it very simple to preserve. Naturally, it’s immune to acid and does not stain quickly. In addition, this material is stunning, and it is sure to catch the eye with a wide range of color choices.

Your choices are almost infinite when choosing your quartz countertops, as quartz varies from natural colors to other colors such as gold and blues. Quartz is the way to go if you want to add character to your kitchen! Quartz countertops, however, have noticeable seams, and UV Light can induce discoloration or fading.

Granite Countertops

Another beautiful, timeless choice of countertop is granite. It’s particularly admired for how robust it is. It is very solid and almost impervious to fire, and when handled with newer sealers, it needs very little maintenance. Visually rich and dynamic, they are extremely heat-resistant and, when properly sealed, can tolerate stains and bacteria.

For baking preparations like rolling dough, granite is phenomenal. And there may be noticeable seams on these countertops. As granite can break, use caution at any tension points. Although certain granite countertops need sealing annually, a maintenance-free option is also available for pre-treated countertops.

Marble Countertops

Marble, majestic, and elegant, is a classic alternative. The elegance of marble originates from the way it is made. It is made from limestone or dolomite rock which is exposed to intense heat and pressure. The extreme circumstances cause the stone to shift, causing the unique veining that distinguishes marble. The elegance and value of marble countertops would bring value to your overall house, just help ensure you use Dry-Treat Sealer to seal your marble counters.

Laminate Countertops

The most inexpensive countertop alternative is laminate. The countertops consist of pieces of laminate glued onto the substratum of plywood or particleboard. For DIY installation, laminate is ideal, resists water, and is simple to clean. Countertop parts or boundless sheets of the laminate may be ordered. You may mount the sheets over existing laminate countertops that are fully prepared or use them to assemble countertops to your own specifications.

Occasionally, laminate countertops have clear seams and edges and are vulnerable to cuts and scratches. The heat will destroy countertops made of laminate, so make careful to protect them from hot pots, pans, etc.

Sintered Stone Countertops

Sintered stone countertops are sturdy materials that are resistant to moisture, spills, hits, impacts, and damages and do not need sealing. These countertops are produced from minerals fused with pigments, such as feldspar or clay. They are non-porous, help avoid the growth of germs and bacteria, and are easy to disinfect.

Sintered stone countertops have seams and you can expect to see color and pattern differences across various pieces because they are made from natural materials.


Build a mix of various countertops for particular kitchen activities for a fully personalized cooking experience. Stone surfaces, for example, fit nicely close to the selection, while solid surfaces for quick cleaning are ideal around the sink.

Combinations of marble and granite countertops Raleigh NC may be the most costly choice due to special exceptions. Talk about your budget with a kitchen project expert or find the right countertop designs for your kitchen.




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