Different Types of Hair Extensions, Know it Here

Different Types of Hair Extensions, Know it Here

Bored with your regular look? It is time to get clip in hair extensions. These are available in various styles and colors enabling you enjoy a custom look. You can now have the desired length of hair with hair extensions, but ensure you buy human hair extensions. Here are various types of hair extension methods to know the best type for you:

Micro link hair extensions

There are many hair extensions available and one such is the micro link hair extensions. Micro Link is a method of attaching strand-by-stand hair extensions to natural hair. This is done by using links or aluminum rings. The technique of micro link involves no glue, braiding, chemicals, heat or adhesives. Micro links hair extensions are really special as they are applied using a special tool to your natural hair and are attached as hair extension.

Clip-in Extensions

Clip-In Extensions are bulky and are less suitable for thin hair.  These are temporary extensions offering the option of taking out anytime you wish. This extension type does not hold in thin air owing to the clips weight. This hair extension is suitable to wear for an occasion or event, if your hair is moderately thick or else damage may be caused due to strain. This is not the everyday option. Yet, even to get this extension, you have to get assistance from hair salons.

Fusion hair extensions

Fusion hair extensions feature keratin bonding and ultrasonic waves soften keratin during application. These hair extensions are expensive and the process of installation is lengthy. The process of removal is tricky and pulls out more hair. The fusion method does not suit fine hair and are not for women having thin hair.

Fusion hair extensions are in two types, hot fusion and cold fusion. The keratin bonds are used in hot fusion and suits thicker or coarse hair types. The cold fusion used keratin based polymer. This is appropriate for all types of hair. This style is prominently rightly handled by celebrity hair stylist Potomac.

Sally’s hair extensions

Sally’s hair extensions are 100% high-quality human hair. The advantage is that it blends with straight and relaxed textured hair. It is tangle-free and easy to style or manage. These human hair extensions are premium satin strands. They are suitable for shade blends and they blend with any hair color and highlight the look. It represents consistent thickness.

There are many well known hair extensions including European hair extensions and dreamcatchers extensions. However, it is best to get the hair extensions fitted from reputable hair salons who are expert with bridal hair style and different haircut and styles.

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