Facts and myths related with asthma

Facts and myths related with asthma

Asthma is a lung related disorder which interferes with the breathing mechanism. It can cause irritation in lung, problem in breathing and more uncomfortable situations. There are a number of asthma clinics, which can help you to overcome the symptoms of asthma.

Facts about asthma

Asthma is a serious lung related disorder. It does not have a cure, but the symptoms of asthma can be bought to ease with the help of medication and proper treatment. Asthma shows a number of early warning signs. It is better to recognize the disease before it becomes lethal. The common early symptoms of asthma include feeling out of breath, fatigue, sleeplessness and coughing. There are also a number of myths related to asthma, which are mostly mistaken as facts related to asthma by many people. To clear the doubt regarding asthma, here is a list of a few myths related to asthma.

Myths related to asthma

Check out the myths and facts about asthma here to know more about the asthma!

#1: Myth: Asthma can be cured

# Fact: It is totally a FALSE statement. Asthma is not a curable health condition. Despite of the advancement in the technology and medical science no cure for asthma is developed till the date. However, an asthma patient can live an active and fit life with the proper management and appropriate diagnosis of asthma.

#2:Myth: Smoking does not affect asthma

#Fact: It is really nasty if you think asthma is not affected by smoking. Smoking is one of the serious causes of asthma; you should totally avoid smoking to get over the symptoms of asthma. Smoking is dangerous for not only the smoker but it is equally dangerous for the people near the smokers. It is found that the babies born to smoker mothers are more prone to asthma. If you wish well being of your near and dear ones, try to avoid smoking.

#3:Myth: It is fine to puff blue reliever once in a day

#Fact: If you think puffing the blue reliever once in a day can help you to control your asthma, then you are going on a wrong track. Puffing blue reliever twice in a week is fine, but if you use it once every day, then you should take your GP and talk your asthma specialist about what is going on in your body.


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