What You Need To Know About Car Bodywork Protection Film

What You Need To Know About Car Bodywork Protection Film

Car bodywork protection film is a plastic wrap that protects the body of your car. You install it on the body of the car, on the lower fascia, rocker panels, side mirrors, and other exposed parts of the car. The clear bra protects the exposed parts from road debris that can cause damage.

What is the film made of?

The film is made from urethane film that is a powerful polymer made up of carbamate links that provide versatility when it comes to installation and care. The protection film has a central layer that is made up of urethane while the top and bottom layers are made up of acrylic adhesive and elastomeric polymers.

The different layers provide the film with the necessary properties that protect your bodywork against injuries.

What are the pros of installing the film?

There are plenty of benefits that come with installing the film. The most common ones are:

  • The film protects the outside of your car without making it clear that you are doing it. Since the film is clear, no one can see it.
  • When your car is protected, you have peace of mind as you know that your car is properly protected and there aren’t any pieces of debris that can damage it.
  • When you take good care of the film, it has the potential of lasting for a long time.
  • Since your car paint is protected, you don’t have to keep on repainting the surfaces. This saves you a lot of money in the long run.
  • Finally, you keep your car looking great for a long time. Since the paint is kept scratch free, it remains in top condition for a long time hence your car looks new for a long time.

Are there problems associated with protection films?

While the clear bra comes with its positives, it has its fair share of negatives. Some of these negatives include:

  • When you go for a high-quality protection film, you should be ready to part with a substantial amount of money as it doesn’t come cheap.
  • When the film gets old or is improperly installed, it tends to sag and even start yellowing, which is unpleasant to look at.
  • When you don’t take good care of it, it doesn’t last for long, which means that you have to keep on replacing it. As you might have guessed, this can end up being too costly on your part.
  • For you to avoid the issues that come with installing the car protection film, you should always go for high-quality pieces that you are sure will look great and at the same time last for a long time.
  • When you are cleaning the car, avoid using harsh water sprays or mishandling the film.
  • For you to prevent the film from developing blisters, ensure that the piece is installed by an expert. This calls for you to avoid having it installed in cheap stores.

Tips on how to maintain the protection film

After installing the film, wax it with high quality wax that will keep it sealed. The purpose of doing this is to prevent the film from getting dull. Since the film is porous, dust and other air born impurities can become dull giving the film a bad look.

For ideal results, you should wax the film at least once every 3-6 months.

When you are cleaning the film, clear car protection film installers Springfield recommend that you avoid using any type of petroleum based products. This is because the products can dull or even tear the film. The best way of cleaning the film is using clean water and soap.

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